Monday, September 20, 2010

September Release has Dropped!!!

What do we do in September!?!? We Prep for October!!! And... What do we do in October!??! WE TRICK AND WE TREAT. Our new kiddos are trixed out for the holiday and ready to go home with just about anyone ;) Seriously, safety first, kids. Safety first.

Here's a tinsy sampling of our new kids on the block. You can grab all of them here:

We're talking ten kids dressed to the nines!!! How can you resist!?
Our Kiddos are destined to be perfectly matched with some of our new Sayings Digis

Take a page out of Charmaine's book and pair one of our kiddos with a new Saying:
Isn't this little witchy to DIE for?!

See a bevvy of new Saying digiStamps Here:

Our new creepy - crawly iPapers add just the thing to any Halloween Project you could dream up. By 'just the thing' we mean animated and excitable arachnids.

You can find our new Spider Polka-dot iPaper along with all our new Halloween releases Here:

iPaper's at the top right now, but a quick scroll down is going to get you the whole powder keg.

Fall Dress up isn't just for kids. I get excited when the wind gets crisp for a lot of reasons, but I'm not going to lie, new clothes are a very high factor.

Our bikini clad dolls from this Summer's release are getting chilly.


Oh no! Whatever will they wear!?
Oh I know...
They'll wear stuff at the height of fashion. These are the goodies on the runway NYC for this Fall.
Don't you want your girls stylin'?

I was particularly fond of all the sexy new hosiery on seventh ave while I was designing for these girls gams. We're offering a separate 'sayings stamp' to accompany our girls too.

Isn't it ultra desirable?!
Yeah it is.

Remember, our 'Oh What a Doll' girls come in clear stamp too. See all their goodness here:

Our 'Oh What a Doll' Line was made for paper piecing. We're offering up a new line of upto the minute plaids. See?

See all of our new Schoolgirl Plaids at Amber Ink. Here:

It's been brought to our attention that plaid goes just about flawlessly with pie.

Nuff said.

Conveniently we're rounding up this month's release with a recipe extravaganza for all your pie making/baking/gifting/eating needs:

This is perfect as pie when paired with our classy but subtle recipe cards:

TAH DAH. Whew! Now we're going to pull up a piece of carpet and a plate of banana cream pie and take a moment to chillax!
Don't forget to check out our exciting brand new

INK-redible 21 Day Challenge! It's all ready for Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

AND it's hosted by none other than Major Celebrity Carole Burrage!!!!
Could anything be any better. I think not.


Nicole said...

OH MY GOODNESSSSSSS, these are all so awesome Amber!!!!!!!!!!! xoNicolexo

melissac said...

Girl -- you KNOW how much I LOVE this release!!! I have some more creations in my little noodle!! Have a fab day!!!

wendyp said...

Amber, these are AMAZING!!!

I spotted the fishnet sentiment in the store earlier and didn't even think fashion attire. LOL, I was thinking fishing gear. Its all Willem's fault! I have fishing on the brain! :)

Lynne Phelps said...

What a great release! These kiddos have really won my heart and that spider paper is FAB! My doll needs new clothes, it's all wonderful!