Monday, September 6, 2010

Motivation Monday - Feel the Beat!

I woke up this morning to a Sunny SUNNY day. I got dressed in jeans and a fitted tee and hightailed it out of the house to find that it's CHILLY!!!!!

I am sitting at 'The Fall Cafe' and it is almost one in the afternoon on a school day. Today my only obligations are self-imposed! To fill my cup, a. biker out the window just blew me a kiss. I feel like breaking out into song.

In blissful celebration of this holiday I find that perhaps I never have any cause for upset that isn't slightly motivated by job-job. A day off seems more a gift of the gods than a typical American holiday.

I hope this day finds you full of bliss and radiating happiness. I am pretty sure they can feel my joy in Antarctica today.

This weekend my top-five friend, JenMO asked "What gets in your road?" I LOVED this bit of phrasing. It's so much more effective and visual than 'What are your road blocks?"

On this day of lovely days, I suggest clearing the things that get in your road with a bit of distraction. If something isn't working, do something else! When I am a grump, or things are sucking, my quickest way to shift gears is to listen to something that lifts me up and puts some pep in my step.

Here are a few songs that transport me to here, sitting at 'The Fall Cafe' sipping a cup of mint tea and cozying up to everything I want to do - even when I am some lame place that makes me cringe.

OH man SO feel good.

If you've got a frown, turn it upside down with Bonnie Tyler. Man, this girl's videos motivate me into laughing no matter WHERE I am! Keep an eye out for the neon whip! This video was Apple iPod commercial motivating, 20 years before her time.

I saw Lenka open for Missy Higgins at Terminal 5 last year. I was girl crushing on her from the first chord. I think that if my art were music it would be THIS music. As we all know, my art is pretty dang happy.

This is the kind of beat that pulls me out of a funk. What music plays on your life soundtrack? Share those happy beats here on this post. Have a motivated week of and march to a blissful beat!


wendyp said...

it was freezing this morning! When i left for the store and turned the heat on in the car. Of course DH thought I was nuts when he got in later and the heat was on. LOL! Starting to feel like fall here!

I love so many different kinds of music so it depends on my mood for that day as to what my happy music is.... 80's, country, oldies, rock. I have old They Might Be Giants cassettes playing right now as I stamp and blog. "particle man, particle man" :)

Amberbop said...

Yay! I love that you took matters into your own hands and turned on the HEAT! Next time just hide it better ;) I'm so amped on Fall!!!