Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's On Her Workdesk, Wednesday

A Before and an After!

here. Usually I'm the behind the scenes part of the *this is us* but today just might be a good day to pop my head out.

Amber headed off to "job-job" w/o taking a photo for her WOYWW. We love playing along, so I volunteered a post before Wednesday disappears, which may be very soon indeed...

As many of you know, Amber lives in the East and I live in the West.

Way before Amber Ink. was born, she invited me out to the big city to create some studio space for her. NYC space is always at a premium, so every teensy bit of space has to count...not quite as radical as that tiny HK apartment and certainly NOT with their budget. We had fun trying to put an inkling of Amber into an inkling of space with an inkling of a budget.

Here are a couple of pics of what is around her Workdesk on this Wednesday:



(love the neon Italian Deli sign outside on the street)

Hope you're having a wonderful messy or not Wednesday.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Things That Are Awesome

Spoiler Alert : If you are in the mood for something humble, look elsewhere ;)

Today Amber Ink. has been in business 4 days!!!
Here is some of the awesomeness that is happening!

Most currently: Amber Ink. is sponsoring this week's
Sketch For You to Try
We are floored by the amazing things the SFYTT sisters are creating with Amber Ink.'s Love Bunny digiStamps!

Carole Burrage:
(speak her name in reverant hushed whispers)

Leigh O'Brien:
I cannot believe how smartly Leigh pulled together our 'Love Bunny' line with our 'The Little Top' stamps! Mind = blown.

Susan Liles:

(Awesome side note: Suzan's blog features AMAZING 'Suzie Q-tips' that really are comprehensive and fun and might even make me into a stamper! You HAVE to check them out and leave her some blog love.)

Jenn Diercks:
printed these love bunnies onto watercolor paper! Aren't they the sweetest?!

Amy Rohl:

Has christened the girl in our Grow Green set 'Miss Cute Gardner' and I have to say, I think it suites her quite.

Amber Hight:

Amber (I like her best because with a name like that how could you be any less than perfect?) did something some-kinda-wonderful and showed her blog readers how she started with Amber Ink. printouts:

How cool is that?

Sony Christoph:
used our iPaper and played with proportion for this awesome card - go visit it on he blog (it's full of surprise!)

Jen del Muro:
made this thrilling bunny card! It's been a bit of a distraction all day because instead of getting the stuff done that comes with building a company, I keep refreshing to look at this again. Sheesh.

I love the bling on that ring!

Speaking of Jen's genius...If you run over to her awesome challenge you can 'jump' on this week's challenge and enter to win our $25 gift certificate to Amber Ink.!
We're also offering a 10% promo code to all participants

Now. Take a deep breath and run on over to our (th)Ink tank.
They're up to their own brand of brilliance!

Well, cleanse your palette after this bit of amazing from our very own
Karin with an I for paper:

How fun is that?!
I love that Karin is supporting us at SFYTT! Our entire (th)Ink Tank keeps knocking it out of the park. They all have such busy lives and they are all THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME!

Case in point:
Look what Nicole Anderson's been up to with our iPaper?!

Here's an aside to just tote the awesomeness of Shannan Teubner my personal cheerleader and one of the best parts of having to work approx. a kajillion hours a week.

Apparently we have a gallery up at
Splitcoast Stampers.

I was like the last person on my 8 person team to know about this. So here it is. Isn't it wonderful? It was like a surprise birthday party. Word on the street is that
If you think Amber Ink. Upload here and tag it 'Amberink' words all together.

I'm so excited by all this excitement! It is so overwhelming but so the most fun.

Thank you SO much for all your support. This week has been rough and tough but exhilarating! Thank you to the boy, for his never-ending patience with 'my little things' and to my friends for making sure the first thing they say whenever we hug hello is 'How's Amber Ink?!!?' I feel like I just might be the luckiest girl in the world.

Onward, and upward, my friends! I cannot wait to see how you think Amber Ink.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Workdesks and Winners and Coupon Codes, Oh My!

So maybe you wonder, "What does one's desk look like the day after a grand opening?"

It looks like a great, big, piggy mess.
'nuff said.

Now on to things that are fun!

Yesterday in honor of our grand opening we had an energetic blog frolic!

I was over the moon at all our BRILLIANT Amber Ink. (th)Ink Tank and Celebration players!
Can you believe their talent?!
I for one, cannot.

We had a bunch of hidden $5 gift certificates behind hidden blog doors!
Thank you so much for your support!

Check out our winners and leave them some blog love. After all, you're all GREAT at that!
Thank you all so much for your supportive and happy comments!

If you're a lucky winner please email us at info (at) amberink (dot) com so we can get your prizes out the door ;)

In all the excitement yesterday I forgot to let you know about our Grand Opening iPaper coupon codes!!

Coupon Codes, Good for a week,
Ends July 28th :

If you order one of our digiSets at Amber Ink and a piece of iPaper
you'll get one additional sheet of iPaper your choosing for free! Just add it to your cart and
use our code when you check out!!

If you buy a clearstamp set and a piece of ipaper from Amber Ink this week,
you'll get two sheets of your choosing for free!
Just add them to your cart and use our code when you check out!

If you made a qualifying purchase yesterday before we announced the code just email me with your order number and we'll take care of it in a jiffy! Thanks for all your support.
You rock my world!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are We There Yet!?

Why yes! We Arrrrrrrre!
Welcome to the PARTY!
We're so glad you could make it!
Come on in, you're all invited!

Why not start with one two fifteen of
Jen's mini Chocolate or Lemon croissants?

It's OK. We're easy we're cool! Why not move onto the grand buffet?!
I recommend the raspberry tart ,
but the feta-tomato pizza is divine....

Follow Jenny! Grab a drink!
Let us all raise our glass to AMBER INK!


(if you didn't know this is a High School Musical reference I am either ashamed or proud of you...I'll decide later...)
Get out the toys!


Amber they're like stickers! But like Stamps!
Clear stamps - rock so hard.

We want to party at OUR homes - like late at night on a Thursday... when we have something disagreeable to do, like dishes.

Well you're in luck! There's more!
Let me show you

Wait? Is that a 'SHOP' button!? I want to go to there!

Wait. Wait. Just a second. You're saying we just push a button and we can get paper!?
Pretty paper!?

Matching paper!?



Stamp like the wind!!!

Can you handle it!?!?!?

We interrupt the fun for a sage word from the Duchess:




Look what we made!!

Now who's going to clean up all this mess?

I'm so excited you came to my party!
I can't wait to show you everything at!

Keep the party going with our thrilling Amber Ink. Blog Frolic!!
See how the professionals play ;)
Charmaine Ikach -
Dawn Burnworth -
Jodi Collins -
Karin Martin -
Michele Boyer -
Nicole Anderson -
Pinky O'Hagan -
Paula Williamson -
Sankari Wegman -
Shannan Teubner -
Suzi McKenzie -
Taylor Usry -

We have lots of exciting prizes hidden behind secret doors, so don't forget to leave the the blog love as you frolic along the way!

If you want to party more you can peek at the excessive amount of fun and photos we had and took at our Grand Opening Flickr Set.

Friday, July 16, 2010

If Only ALL Housekeeping Were This Much Fun!

We Have a Winner!!!

And the winner isssssssssssss...

The fabulous stamper of genius, Jacquie of Java Blu Fame is our fifth person to post about our
Grand Opening on our Facebook page!!!!

Thanks to everyone for hitting the streets and promoting us on FB and thanks to our Ambassador of Awesome, Shannan for coming up with this fun play-along idea!

Jacquie wins a $15 gift certificate to our shop at !!!

She can use it now, or wait to see all of the fantastic fun new things we're releasing

Have you seen some of our (th)Ink Tank's delicious sneak peek snippits?

Read more about our Brilliant (th)Ink Tank and get to their blogs with one click
(maybe two but that sounds like it's for people with patience) from our new spot on our website!
So far I am loving the way they're creating!!!
I'm so lucky to have such babes running the Amber Ink. Torch for me!!

This snippit is from one of my favorite cards Karin with an i is sneak peeking this week! I cannot wait for you to see how fun this is! Seriously. I am lame and self containing.

The very vibrant Pinky is rocking my world over at Pinky's World

Check out these swatches from cards that are going to seriously blow your mind!

Taylor is rocking our SpinPin deconstruct paper in Milk White and Milk White Whisper!
If you want to learn more about iPaper, Taylor has a great bit of 411 on her blog. If you don't want to learn more about iPaper you should run to Taylor's blog anyway because today's post highlight's some adorable antics from her four year old daughter. We're not really marketing the Hope, Popcorn and Wine set as 'kid friendly' but I love that Ava didn't let that stop her ;)

We'll have a lot more to show you tomorrow when true sneak peeks start!

Don't forget to run buy our (th)Ink Tank's blogs!
They're creating with a fever!