Friday, July 29, 2011

Punny Idols among us.

Well, I woke up and did what everyone did right?
I went to the Paper Crafts blog to see who made Top 5.

There at the very top was...
(Orange torch 01/2011)
Guess we know the goings on @ the Corgi House this weekend!

And I buzzed through the other four looking for Laurie.
Shoot.  Not there.  But top 10 out of 1,671 entries!
A pretty peachy
that tastes bitter sweet for sure.

Meg has put me in a punny mood because you know at Amber Ink,

Here are a few of my all time faves:

(Brilliant Karin designed this clever set w/Amber!)

And that goes for all of you!

Amber Ink products used in this post:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brown paper packages...tied up with strings...

and chocolate and dinner in a fancy restaurant
and sipping an ice cold lemonade on a sunny day
 and walking barefoot on the beach
and vacations in exotic places
ok..I better stop now
but you get the favorite things connection.

It's also a  favorite thing of mine to watch
how Amber starts with little drawings:

And then turns them into something bigger:

and then other artists create real things,
beautiful things and they let their imaginations soar.

That's what I'm talkin' bout.
because we all know that
for whoever reads this:

It's the last day to enter

(and just think, if you enter and win you can get this set!)

Don't forget the matching "Perfect Package"  ipaper from the new release:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Full Steam Ahead!

And we're talking bullet train folks!
Hard to believe these hot babes just grabbed the torches yesterday
because they are already makin' tracks!!!

Get ready to be inspired!

Most of you know by now, that at Amber Ink
each torchbearer chooses who they will pass the torch to.
We are pleased beyond measure at the care that goes into this,
because not only does our insurance policy not have a clause
 for dropped torches starting forrest fires,
but this way each torchbearer can showcase their style and talent.
And boy, is there plenty of that this month!

Click on the links! 
You'll not only find inspiration
but you'll find hints as well!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The new flames have arrived!
Catching the torch from Cammi Boddie @
This enthusiastic, gospel loving educator hales from the theme park capital of the world, Orlando Florida. Three precious little Yorkie's (Berenger, Benjamin and Solomon) know her as Mom and a Cricut enabling DH knows her as Adorable Adrian. A pretty, new  stamper and blogger, our purple torchbearer has already accumulated a following of over 300 and we know why. She is creative, fun, confident and giving. Sounds like a natural born stamper to us! Our crystal ball predicts that a 400 following is right around the river's bend. Follow with us @
Catching the torch from Nina Maksimainen @
One added bonus to the world of stamping and scrapping is that it bypasses all language barriers. Once we see a beautiful card, we all speak the same language. Although our next torchbearer’s blog is written in Finnish, we think that you’ll quickly be able to translate, even w/o google programming. Pammu aka Paula has a sense of humor that is universal. When asked who she lives with and if she has pets, she said it is just her and the dust bunnies! Now if that isn’t without borders, we don’t know what is!
Paula works with children and that kind of fun and enthusiasm shows in her work. She has a defining fresh and unique style that we are excited to share with you. Please hang out with Paula and the dust bunnies @
Catching the torch from Lee Anne Verret @ ...
This month’s blue torchbearer is a classic beauty from the Boston area of the UsofA.  She  travels, volunteers, organizes fun/run benefits AND can put her legs behind her head effortlessly.  She drinks milk straight up, loves spaghetti but not olives and goes to summer camp w/o getting dirty.  Suzanne is so friendly and welcoming that we think it is fortunate indeed that she has a tall and handsome husband and a scruffy Teddy to  stand guard at her very own .
Catching the torch from Penni Vickers @

A visit to Create-With-Joy is like being invited to share an afternoon with your favorite Aunt. The chocolate chip muffins are served on the good china , the HI FI is turned to the smooth stuff, secret treasures are shared and if you are lucky enough to visit on a Wednesday, you'll get to speak in whispers while you're allowed to take a peek at the Paper Princess' workdesk. No matter what day you visit, there is always something exciting going on. The main events Maine Coons, Tsunami and Legend will make sure of that! Don't forget to read between the lines - because sometimes those rascals will even do the old switch-er-roo and take over the blog! What is a Paper Princess without a dreamy Prince Charming who builds stuff? You'll want to read all about it @
Catching the torch from Lynette Brown @
Mel stamps.  Mel grows food. Mel makes really awesome stuff and Mel even shows you how.  Mel McCarthy’s creative drive and ingenuity started as a young lass in BC Canada, when she began selling her artwork door to door at the age of 5.  She hasn’t stopped since.  A true creative, she sometimes identifies with  Mouse, her cat (whom you can sometimes find head first in a paper bag) as she curls up for a nap, reads classic literature or chases critters out of the community garden.  Their sweet Prince Charles must be frequently amused.  And what is Mel doing this month?  She is carrying an orange torch! And what will we do?  Why pinch ourselves of course.   Feel the fire @

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Party's Over...

but what an exciting party it was!
It makes us want to stop crawling and get up and run!

While everyone was celebrating,
our current torchbearers were running with all their might.
They will pass off to the next group which are at the ready

We hope you'll join us in a little bit of
"OMGOSH You made all these amazing things"
comments and compliments for these
amazing girls.

Aren't they amazing? 
Look closely, because there are some real gems in those collages!

Don't forget...same time tomorrow.
Come and see who's catching the torches
and cheer them on!

Oh, and about the party -
"excuse our mess"
But you can help us out.
If you won a PRIZE
be sure to shoot us an email
so we can clean up and send it your way!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthdays and Chistmas

Thank you so much for making our 1st birthday such a blast.
Please contact us @ to claim your prize.

1. TAYLOR USRY winner is DIVYA

2. WENDY PRICE winner is Karin

3. SUNGHEE winner is Janna

4. EMILY LEIPHART winner is Julie (#10)

5. LINDSEY MP winner is FrancineB

6. MEG CRAIG winner is Shannon Erskine

7. CHERYL GORKA winner is Jennifer Scull


9. SUZI McKENZIE winner is KARIN


11. KERRI MICHAUD winner is MEG

12. ALYSSA SCRITCHFIELD winner is ThistleBlue

13. KEVA BROWN winner is Lindsay Amrhein

14. RENEE LYNCH winner is Whimsey!

15. LEE ANNE VERRET winner is Cheryl Gorka

16. THANH VO winner is Chelsea

17. JACKI RANDOLPH winner is Kurlygirl

18. JULIE ELAK winner is Cheryl First

19. LAUREL SEABROOK winner is Carla Ironside

20. NINNI winner is Lindsey

21. KARIN MARTIN winner is 1cardcreator

22. TANIS PALMER winner is Mrs. Weyremaster

23. MELISSA CZAPOR winner is Jennifer

24. RHONDA MILLER winner is Lindsey

25. STACIE GORSE winner is Rhonda

26. CHERYL ANN FIRST winner is Victoria
27. ALLISON FILLO winner is Tina

28. CAMMI BODDIE winner is Adrian

29. JOEY McKELVEY winner is Carrol

30. SCOOPY SUE winner is Krafty Kool Kat Cathy

31. ANNE CULLEN winner is FrancineB

32. PENNI VICKERS winner is Lydia Walker

33. SUE KMENT winner is Susie Berker

34. AMBERINKLINGS  winner is Melissa


If your number is EVEN your prize is:
your choice of 3 of these

and 1 of these

If your number is ODD your prize is

any single image in the shop
like this for example

and 1 of these


Don't go away!
ALSO if your number is 4 or 19
you also win this:
If your number is 12 or 34
you also win this:

And since it is such a milestone of a birthday for us
 we turn to our Hawaii roots
where age One is a VERY big deal.
Which means the presents flow freely and are a Very big deal too.

On extra lucky winner
wins the

And Mr. Rando M . Org says that person  is...

#10 NEVA!!!

Woot Woot!
Thanks for coming to our party!
We'll see you next year!
Oh wait...
we'll be here next week too,
passing torches.
If by chance you didn't win a prize,
don't be discouraged.
We are starting our sponsorship of

this very day. 
Just make a Christmas card using your favorite
color and enter for a chance to win/win!
Can you guess our Alumni torchbearer on
the CSALY DT?  Hint...her team color is blue!

(click the photo to find out - either that or read the watermark ;)!)

Two of our alumni just made it to TOP 10!!!
Voting begins on Monday.


Thanks so much to all of our new followers!

We are hoping to make this next one
Amber INKredible year!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Think you missed the party train?

You can still catch it if you hurry. 
Scroll down to yesterday's post to find it,
then hop aboard.

Leave some evidence that you caught it
(by leaving comments everywhere)
Prizes will be announced right here.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Twelve short months ago
We made our big debut.
So now we'd like to commemorate
our 1st birthday with you.

This flash mob of torchbearers
always light our way.
Won't you please jog along
on our special day?

Leave your comments here and there
over the next 48
on FRIDAY we'll announce the loot.
Don't wait...Let's CELEBRATE!
(Don't forget to comment Here, there and everywhere
for a chance to win prizes - announced here on FRIDAY!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Glad you could make it!

Party hats to the ready...
Grab your party gifts Here:
Here's a sneak peek piece of iPaper we'll be releasing
tomorrow, but today it's yours for the taking!
As promised, exclusively for our Amber Ink. party goers:
Your goody bag, my ladies!
And listen for the announcement

...wait for it....wait for it...

Yesterday's PARTY HAT competition
has a winner!


Rhonda wins a $24.00 Gift Certificate to the Amber Ink STORE!

Don't go too far!
Tomorrow is our BIG DAY!
We're doing a blog hop Amber Ink style.
Lot's of prizes
and lots of awesome inspiration
Cuz yep...
It's our BIRTHDAY!!!

PS.  Want to learn more HOW2's about Digis?
Check our our digital tutorial chanel on

Monday, July 18, 2011

Get your PARTY HAT ON!

What's a party without a party hat?
And sometimes a lampshade won't do...
Let's get this party started!
You have 24 hours to take one of these hats:

And make it your own.

You can make a hat for your dog,
You can color, embellish, cuttlebug or paper piece it.
You can decorate a cupcake with it.
You can scrap it
or you can stamp it.

The mojo flow is up to you.

You have 24 hours to link it up.
You can link to a flickr gallery or our SCS gallery or @ PCP
so no need to do a blog post!
Tomorrow we will randomly choose a winner.

Oh...the prize?
A $24 gift certificate to the AMBER INK Store of course!