Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Or as they say in Finnish....

or in card maker's language:


Amber Ink is getting ready to celebrate a birthday.
July 20th won't be an anniversary mind you.
We've been to enough First year baby birthday luaus to know the difference.
Anniversary celebration vs. One year birthday party.
Um...yeah...we choose option B.
We hope you will join us.

And the random winner of our yesterday comment is...

 I didn't even know that Random.org ever picked the #1!
At any rate, Elina, please contact us @ info@amberink.com
and let us know which of yesterdays legs
 (and other attached body parts) you'd like.

Thanks for your comments everyone
because we really really like them
and don't forget to enter LESS IS MORE
by Friday for a chance to win
even more AmberInk goodnessies.