Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amber Ink, Tetris style

Ever since Amber was really little
she has been a Tetris champ.
She would challenge unsuspecting visitors in our home
to a game of it when she could barely hold the controls.
I gave up long ago. 
 I also never play Boggle with members of my family.
That kind of competition just is not fun to me.
I'd rather saw off my own leg...
and use it as a hockey stick.*

In most of the set's Amber creates there is at least one image
that can be used over and over again for an infinitive repeat
(which is why this post reminded me about Tetris)

So we were tickled when Lucianna found it!
Do you see it?

It's in here:

Did you find it?
Yep...that's the one.
And that dear friends is how Lucianna
played Tetris @ Amber Ink.

She said it was fun.
Of course for some of us,
we'd rather...


Sue from Oregon said...

Wow! This is an amazing creation!

sunghee said...

Wow~!! Lucianna is fabulous! How did she find that! Great scene she built with awesome stamps!

Dilsaver Designs said...

Oh I just saw this, shame on me!!! Thank you so much for the spotlight, love your images and it was SOOO fun to create :)