Monday, July 11, 2011

Can you guess the challenge

for "Less is More" this week?
(Which BTW we are sponsoring all month.)

Here are some clues...

Click for the bigger picture.

Just thinking of Kate's Marilyn moment ;)

Can you guess it?????

Leave us your answer in the comments
by tomorrow
and we'll choose a winner.
(winner receives the image of their choice from the above!)

Yeah BABY!  We're getting in birthday party mode.
Amber Ink turns ONE this month!!!!!


elina. said...

it has something doing with legs. Interesting... :)

Julia Dunnit said...

What a fab combination of legs you got going there..really made me smile!!

Karin said...

Such an easy one! Legs :)

Tanya said...

Like others, I'm saying legs but that's kind of obvious LOL so how about.....dancing or movement?

Patricia H said...

Hmmm... now that I have ZZTop's "She's got LEGS... she knows how to use 'em" going through my head, I'm going to guess that the theme has something to do with legs. Or... since creatures use their legs to stand, I'm wondering if it's cards that can stand up on their own, like an easel card or some sort of pop-up card.

The Mama Monkey said...

So easy! It is a nightmare after falling asleep at a girls night out. Photo 1 is the GNO...add a margarita. 2) What my legs looked like while I was on stage at Radio City Music call during my Rockette debut. 3) All of a sudden, rather than Godzilla taking over Manhattan, we had a rogue dinosaur! How could this beast steal my Rockette moment? 4) Then it was mummies...they tried to join to me on stage. I mean REALLY...the guts they have...well not really I suppose, as they are dead, right? 5) Finally, some fuzzy bunnies took me down the rabbit hole and gave me carrot juice, but then stole my margarita! The nerve! 6) Thankfully the turtles marched in, taking out the rabbit by the cute little knees and being that they are slow, I was able to escape even with my sore dancing legs. **whew** What a nightmare! :)

Cheryl said...

Things with legs?

Amberbop said...

OMG You girls are too funny. I love the way Patricia's thinking. Standing cards would be a kick! The gyno/Margarita really got me giggling though. A+