Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthdays and Chistmas

Thank you so much for making our 1st birthday such a blast.
Please contact us @ to claim your prize.

1. TAYLOR USRY winner is DIVYA

2. WENDY PRICE winner is Karin

3. SUNGHEE winner is Janna

4. EMILY LEIPHART winner is Julie (#10)

5. LINDSEY MP winner is FrancineB

6. MEG CRAIG winner is Shannon Erskine

7. CHERYL GORKA winner is Jennifer Scull


9. SUZI McKENZIE winner is KARIN


11. KERRI MICHAUD winner is MEG

12. ALYSSA SCRITCHFIELD winner is ThistleBlue

13. KEVA BROWN winner is Lindsay Amrhein

14. RENEE LYNCH winner is Whimsey!

15. LEE ANNE VERRET winner is Cheryl Gorka

16. THANH VO winner is Chelsea

17. JACKI RANDOLPH winner is Kurlygirl

18. JULIE ELAK winner is Cheryl First

19. LAUREL SEABROOK winner is Carla Ironside

20. NINNI winner is Lindsey

21. KARIN MARTIN winner is 1cardcreator

22. TANIS PALMER winner is Mrs. Weyremaster

23. MELISSA CZAPOR winner is Jennifer

24. RHONDA MILLER winner is Lindsey

25. STACIE GORSE winner is Rhonda

26. CHERYL ANN FIRST winner is Victoria
27. ALLISON FILLO winner is Tina

28. CAMMI BODDIE winner is Adrian

29. JOEY McKELVEY winner is Carrol

30. SCOOPY SUE winner is Krafty Kool Kat Cathy

31. ANNE CULLEN winner is FrancineB

32. PENNI VICKERS winner is Lydia Walker

33. SUE KMENT winner is Susie Berker

34. AMBERINKLINGS  winner is Melissa


If your number is EVEN your prize is:
your choice of 3 of these

and 1 of these

If your number is ODD your prize is

any single image in the shop
like this for example

and 1 of these


Don't go away!
ALSO if your number is 4 or 19
you also win this:
If your number is 12 or 34
you also win this:

And since it is such a milestone of a birthday for us
 we turn to our Hawaii roots
where age One is a VERY big deal.
Which means the presents flow freely and are a Very big deal too.

On extra lucky winner
wins the

And Mr. Rando M . Org says that person  is...

#10 NEVA!!!

Woot Woot!
Thanks for coming to our party!
We'll see you next year!
Oh wait...
we'll be here next week too,
passing torches.
If by chance you didn't win a prize,
don't be discouraged.
We are starting our sponsorship of

this very day. 
Just make a Christmas card using your favorite
color and enter for a chance to win/win!
Can you guess our Alumni torchbearer on
the CSALY DT?  Hint...her team color is blue!

(click the photo to find out - either that or read the watermark ;)!)

Two of our alumni just made it to TOP 10!!!
Voting begins on Monday.


Thanks so much to all of our new followers!

We are hoping to make this next one
Amber INKredible year!


Lindsey said...

Yippee! You know I love my iPapers, so how perfect is this? :) Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to all my fellow alumnae for their terrific creations. And once again, happy birthday, Amber Ink!

Neva said...

OMGosh, I never win anything. whoo Hoo. I am doin' the happy dance.

Trina said...

Doggone! I started the hop and got sidetracked... Congrats to the winners! And Happy Birthday!

Pam said...

NEVA - shoot us an email! You won the grand prize. WHOO HOO!

Jennifer Scull said...

thank you so very much! I just returned from running errands in this icky poo heat to discover this VERY exciting news! will be in touch shortly. :)
enjoy your weekend!

1CardCreator said...

Whoo Hoo! I'm so excited! Thank you so much and Happy Birthday! ~Diane

Carly said...

congratulations to the winner and happy 1st Birthday!

Wish my name was up there ... but oh well. Looking forward to seeing what the winners create with their new goodies!

Thanks for an awesome hop and a chance to win! May have to sweet talk Mr Random so I win next time he he he.

Divya@The Craft Angel said...

Yay! I won! Thanks so much for the opportunity! It was so much fun blog hopping and looking at all the gorgeous creations! Here's wishing Amber Ink. many more years of creativity, fun and happiness!