Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are YOU ready???

Do you know that according to Wikipedia (which we all know has ALL the answers ;) trick or treating has become socially expected if one lives in a neighborhood with children and that one should have treats in preparation for trick-or-treaters.
Yep, if you don't "treat" odds are you'll get "tricked"!!!!

Good thing Joni is ready:

Are YOU?????

Don't forget to enter the AmberInk Challenge .  Only 10 days to go!!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Aloha Friday

No work till Monday *...doo dee doo doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo.

*Unless you want to work on your project for AmberInk's Inkredible 21 day challenge!
Last week on Friday,  we were posting sneak peeks of the current release and I received the word from a sweet and wonderful blog reader "Where the H&!! is Aloha Friday???"  OMGosh...biggest compliment ever!!!  
So, we're back! Hmmm...what to do, what to do.  Ah, I know....

Yesterday was spent picking PURPLE grapes off of our vines
(#1 - link to something that is your favorite color)

And then we had to wash them and wash them
(#2 - your best kind of washing  product)

And then of course we had to process them in jars, at least what was left!
(#3 your favorite all natural drink)

Rembember now - No paper products allowed. Genius needs a rest.
You can enter in all three categories if you'd like but one is fine too
When Amber humors me, which is pretty often really, she decides to give a little prize to
Play now, because nothing lasts forever,not even summer ;(

It's best to save an image to your file first.
Make sure you put the category # (1,2,3) and your name.
That's it!  See...easy peasy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Winner's Circle

Last week judging for our very first, ever, brand-new INK-redible 21-st Day Challenge kicked off with a vengeance. We had such exciting entries! Incredimombo and I were so excited at every entry that showed up.
Last month's episode was all about Books.

All our entries rocked. Now that the dust has settled we're announcing our top 3 winners!

Charmaine (Charmwarm) won a gift certificate to Amber Ink.

I'm still floored by the way she made this Baby Mermaid set SING. I want all those little things!

The blissful Wendy Price created this little fishy book and won some Amber Ink. dollars!
Can you imagine a better place for all your tails tales?

Our mermaids definitely made a splash during this challenge. These little fish are companions from our Baby Mermaids 'Friendship' set.

Our grand prize winner, Lynne Phelps, brought home the crown! She went old-school with one of our original girly girls. This certainly encourages me to read!

This month our prize was a great big secret. As promised, it IS a pretty great prize, if I do say so myself. The winner of each month's challenge will work with me to create a custom set that they're just dying to have.

Lynne has been pining for a curvy girl from Amber Ink. This month, she's helping us design our very first woman in our new "More to Love" Collection.

Here is one of our first rough sketches based on our emails that have been going back and forth!

You can follow her development and see how she's turning out as Lynne and I work on her at:

This month's challenge at
Is Trick Or Treaty Amber Inky!

PLUS, it's being hosted by Major Celebrity Carole Burrage
(one of my favorite stampers of ALL TIME)

The winner of this month's Halloween challenge will be designing a set with me ala Lynne Phelps next month, same time, same place.
Just think, this could be you!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

September Release has Dropped!!!

What do we do in September!?!? We Prep for October!!! And... What do we do in October!??! WE TRICK AND WE TREAT. Our new kiddos are trixed out for the holiday and ready to go home with just about anyone ;) Seriously, safety first, kids. Safety first.

Here's a tinsy sampling of our new kids on the block. You can grab all of them here:

We're talking ten kids dressed to the nines!!! How can you resist!?
Our Kiddos are destined to be perfectly matched with some of our new Sayings Digis

Take a page out of Charmaine's book and pair one of our kiddos with a new Saying:
Isn't this little witchy to DIE for?!

See a bevvy of new Saying digiStamps Here:

Our new creepy - crawly iPapers add just the thing to any Halloween Project you could dream up. By 'just the thing' we mean animated and excitable arachnids.

You can find our new Spider Polka-dot iPaper along with all our new Halloween releases Here:

iPaper's at the top right now, but a quick scroll down is going to get you the whole powder keg.

Fall Dress up isn't just for kids. I get excited when the wind gets crisp for a lot of reasons, but I'm not going to lie, new clothes are a very high factor.

Our bikini clad dolls from this Summer's release are getting chilly.


Oh no! Whatever will they wear!?
Oh I know...
They'll wear stuff at the height of fashion. These are the goodies on the runway NYC for this Fall.
Don't you want your girls stylin'?

I was particularly fond of all the sexy new hosiery on seventh ave while I was designing for these girls gams. We're offering a separate 'sayings stamp' to accompany our girls too.

Isn't it ultra desirable?!
Yeah it is.

Remember, our 'Oh What a Doll' girls come in clear stamp too. See all their goodness here:

Our 'Oh What a Doll' Line was made for paper piecing. We're offering up a new line of upto the minute plaids. See?

See all of our new Schoolgirl Plaids at Amber Ink. Here:

It's been brought to our attention that plaid goes just about flawlessly with pie.

Nuff said.

Conveniently we're rounding up this month's release with a recipe extravaganza for all your pie making/baking/gifting/eating needs:

This is perfect as pie when paired with our classy but subtle recipe cards:

TAH DAH. Whew! Now we're going to pull up a piece of carpet and a plate of banana cream pie and take a moment to chillax!
Don't forget to check out our exciting brand new

INK-redible 21 Day Challenge! It's all ready for Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

AND it's hosted by none other than Major Celebrity Carole Burrage!!!!
Could anything be any better. I think not.

While we wait...

  Will you please join us in a piece of pie ...

And PLEASE READ the celebrity (I mean MAJOR celebrity) section of the newspaper:

And then take a nice long nap. 

By that time we should have the new release and NEW challenge ready for you.

Hi ho hi ho....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ready, Set...

And Tomorrow is GO!  Are you loving these sneak peeks?  With Fall in the air  -  the leaves are on fire in the canyons around here... and it is the perfect time to introduce Autumn themed AmberInk products!

Everywhere we are hearing "loving Autumn, not ready for winter."  Are you feeling the same?

Did you see the amazing postings yesterday from our torchbearers?  Here are a few highlights...

Chris dressed her "Oh What a Doll"  set.  Lovin' the ipaper and check out those boots again!!

If you follow the runways, you'll know that plaids, fur boots and military attire are all IN IN IN!
According to Heidi, you are either "in or you are out"  Chris is definately IN!

Here in the USA, Halloween is already in all of the stores!  It's gonna be in the AmberInk store on Monday too, so be sure to check back tomorrow. 

In the meantime you can sneak a peek vicariously through our amazing torchbearers...


See what I mean??? These new Torchbearing Babes are InKredible because not ONLY did they use the new Kiddos, but see all those DP's?  They are ALL AmberInk ipapers!

Be sure to check back tomorrow.  You never know what suprises you'll find at AmberInk!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Probably not!  That passing of the torches was smooth as silk!  These new torchbearers are already running like the wind!  In case you missed anything, they were sneaka peakin this set on the right that will be out in the shop on Monday the 20th.  Come on and squint those eyes...Can you believe all those fashion options?  ooolaalaa!  At AmberInk we sometimes get a little carried away (in case you hadn't noticed).

You may already have the "Oh What a Doll" set that is on the left.  She was one of our first clear sets for summer.  Remember what she was wearing then?  (on the right below)

Wendy made a cute card using the sundress yesterday.  Isn't it FAB???

Check out the custom orange lunch box she made from the om nom nom set ;)
The weather is getting colder now *boo* and these dress up dolls can't be running around in bikini's until next summer, so there is an entire new set of Fall Clothes - straight off the catwalk.  Our babes all loved the boots!  Check them out in case you missed anything...

        Tasha made her awesome:

Melissa made her sweet:

Joni made her Fall Fab:

And Sunghee made her stylin':

So much new ipaper all ready for this new release. Since they are paper dolls, we're making these available in both digi's and clear.  Sometimes it's just fun to ink it up!

Be sure to check what our Torchbearers a giving you a peek at today.  You're gonna LOVE it!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Put On your AmberInk (th)Inking Cap!!!

Drummmrolllllll!!! We are ecstatic to introduce our brilliant new (th)Ink Tank! We're in sneak peek mode and soooooo tickled to announce our new girls!

Shannan Teubner is the leader of the pack and our General Stamping Ambassador of Awesomeness. Shannan has more than the normal five senses ... actually she has about seven. One time her sense of touch went on the blink. She spent an entire day limping around with a sore between her toes. She was so busy crafting and couldn't be bothered, but that night when she checked, she found a piece of red Tacky Tape backing stuck between her toes. Shannan spends a billion dollars a year on stamping supplies (hey, at least it's not a trillion). She also spends trillions in love and time with her two little guys (aged 10 and 7) and her two BIG dogs Lucy and Tucker. You can see some of Shannan's awesomeness @

Let us call out a great big Kahuna sized ALOHA to Joni Wilson who is living her dream in Virginia, USA but arrived by outrigger from Kaua'i No ka Oi (sorry Maui)! We could add in her 6 children's names here, but with 53 vowels between them that would leave no room to tell you how wonderful Jonjinko is!

This English Major with a brave husband who still courted her with love letters is also a football buff. Good thing since her hubby is the HS offensive coordinator and her oldest is a running back. Our little Joni attended UH on a full scholarship as the football manager for 185 MEN! No doubt that is where she learned her fancy footwork/handiwork which looks like a touchdown every time to us @


Crafty Chris Thomas loves special things - family, celebrations, stamping and a nice glass of French red wine...sounds like the perfect life doesn't it? She is gifted in all of it, including the French Wine part since she lived in France (which is where she started to stamp over three years ago). Right now she lives in Northern Ireland, with her hubby Phil, daughter Rebecca and son Phillip. In her spare time she walks her dogs, a Labrador named Kelly and a Jack Russell named Tina while her cats Tab and Pepsi vie for center stage. Take a trip to Christine's Place with us @ and you'll see that this lady is not only crafty, but pretty, funny and chummy as well!

A fairy princess with a wicked sense of humor, an active imagination and the skills to match! That is our Sunghee (Sung-EE). The USA is fortunate to have this petite Korean girl and her husband, 6 year old son and 2 year old daughter to keep things spicy near Washington DC. This self admitted germaphobe who doesn't like to clean got her start stamping when she was looking for a date stamp to make a calendar for her daughter's 1st year baby calendar and discovered that there are more than just date stamps! How serendipitously fortunate for AmberInk and the rest of the stamping world! The latest book she started to read is a novel by Amy Scheibe entitled "What Do You Do All Day?". Sunghee never finished reading that book and you can happily find out why @

Melissa Czapor (zapor) is a brave 6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies teacher who lives in Ohio with her husband Allan, two daughters and pup Maddie (a Chesapeake Bay Retriever). About 15 years ago she happened upon an entire store full of rubber stamps. How silly she thought, but within a few weeks the owners knew her name! Sometimes you can find Melissa and her friends sipping Latte in the Latte Lounge . As a child Melissa dreamt of becoming an artist. In our minds the proof of that came at a Weekend crop when after limping the entire day finally looked down and realized that she was wearing one black shoe and one black slipper! An artist indeed! See for yourself @