Friday, September 17, 2010

Put On your AmberInk (th)Inking Cap!!!

Drummmrolllllll!!! We are ecstatic to introduce our brilliant new (th)Ink Tank! We're in sneak peek mode and soooooo tickled to announce our new girls!

Shannan Teubner is the leader of the pack and our General Stamping Ambassador of Awesomeness. Shannan has more than the normal five senses ... actually she has about seven. One time her sense of touch went on the blink. She spent an entire day limping around with a sore between her toes. She was so busy crafting and couldn't be bothered, but that night when she checked, she found a piece of red Tacky Tape backing stuck between her toes. Shannan spends a billion dollars a year on stamping supplies (hey, at least it's not a trillion). She also spends trillions in love and time with her two little guys (aged 10 and 7) and her two BIG dogs Lucy and Tucker. You can see some of Shannan's awesomeness @

Let us call out a great big Kahuna sized ALOHA to Joni Wilson who is living her dream in Virginia, USA but arrived by outrigger from Kaua'i No ka Oi (sorry Maui)! We could add in her 6 children's names here, but with 53 vowels between them that would leave no room to tell you how wonderful Jonjinko is!

This English Major with a brave husband who still courted her with love letters is also a football buff. Good thing since her hubby is the HS offensive coordinator and her oldest is a running back. Our little Joni attended UH on a full scholarship as the football manager for 185 MEN! No doubt that is where she learned her fancy footwork/handiwork which looks like a touchdown every time to us @


Crafty Chris Thomas loves special things - family, celebrations, stamping and a nice glass of French red wine...sounds like the perfect life doesn't it? She is gifted in all of it, including the French Wine part since she lived in France (which is where she started to stamp over three years ago). Right now she lives in Northern Ireland, with her hubby Phil, daughter Rebecca and son Phillip. In her spare time she walks her dogs, a Labrador named Kelly and a Jack Russell named Tina while her cats Tab and Pepsi vie for center stage. Take a trip to Christine's Place with us @ and you'll see that this lady is not only crafty, but pretty, funny and chummy as well!

A fairy princess with a wicked sense of humor, an active imagination and the skills to match! That is our Sunghee (Sung-EE). The USA is fortunate to have this petite Korean girl and her husband, 6 year old son and 2 year old daughter to keep things spicy near Washington DC. This self admitted germaphobe who doesn't like to clean got her start stamping when she was looking for a date stamp to make a calendar for her daughter's 1st year baby calendar and discovered that there are more than just date stamps! How serendipitously fortunate for AmberInk and the rest of the stamping world! The latest book she started to read is a novel by Amy Scheibe entitled "What Do You Do All Day?". Sunghee never finished reading that book and you can happily find out why @

Melissa Czapor (zapor) is a brave 6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies teacher who lives in Ohio with her husband Allan, two daughters and pup Maddie (a Chesapeake Bay Retriever). About 15 years ago she happened upon an entire store full of rubber stamps. How silly she thought, but within a few weeks the owners knew her name! Sometimes you can find Melissa and her friends sipping Latte in the Latte Lounge . As a child Melissa dreamt of becoming an artist. In our minds the proof of that came at a Weekend crop when after limping the entire day finally looked down and realized that she was wearing one black shoe and one black slipper! An artist indeed! See for yourself @

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