Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ready, Set...

And Tomorrow is GO!  Are you loving these sneak peeks?  With Fall in the air  -  the leaves are on fire in the canyons around here... and it is the perfect time to introduce Autumn themed AmberInk products!

Everywhere we are hearing "loving Autumn, not ready for winter."  Are you feeling the same?

Did you see the amazing postings yesterday from our torchbearers?  Here are a few highlights...

Chris dressed her "Oh What a Doll"  set.  Lovin' the ipaper and check out those boots again!!

If you follow the runways, you'll know that plaids, fur boots and military attire are all IN IN IN!
According to Heidi, you are either "in or you are out"  Chris is definately IN!

Here in the USA, Halloween is already in all of the stores!  It's gonna be in the AmberInk store on Monday too, so be sure to check back tomorrow. 

In the meantime you can sneak a peek vicariously through our amazing torchbearers...


See what I mean??? These new Torchbearing Babes are InKredible because not ONLY did they use the new Kiddos, but see all those DP's?  They are ALL AmberInk ipapers!

Be sure to check back tomorrow.  You never know what suprises you'll find at AmberInk!!!

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