Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Aloha Friday...

No work till Monday ...doo dee doo doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo.

In honor of a big week/end ahead in the U.S of A there is nothing smarter you can do as an adult than to revert to your childhood haunts and taunts.  And on that note...

#1. Make it a good witch or a bad witch or any kind of witch
 (but not your mother either way…AMBER!)


#2.  put a link to your favorite foot anything
like your coolest shoes,
your fav pedicure place in brooklyn
or elsewhere ,
your favorite footcare product or nail polish...
you get it.


#3.  your best Halloween treat that you’ve seen lately
like  in any women’s mag or otherwise.
It's best to save an image to your computer file first.

Make sure you put the category # (1,2,3) and your name.
That's it! See...easy peasy.

Keep your fingers crossed and Amber may reward a random winner with a little prize to the store,
otherwise just chalk it up to a fun start to your weekend!
See you Monday!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Did someone say CAKE??? you already know how we love to cook at AmberInk!  Seems that some of our friends love it too!  So take a sec to check it out...

Read all about it on Emily's blog

Check out the SERIOUS B-day cake on Lynne's blog!

And the ULTIMATE coolness - it takes no calories to look!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WOYWW - iPaper and Fall Visions

This week i'm working on our iPapers. We just released a new set, and I'm playing around with paper to match.
When i design iPaper i fiddle left and fiddle right until it is just so. SO far this is what I'm happy with.

Cocktail conga is one of the new iPapers that I just started uploading at
In all honesty, this week there's a lot on my work desk.
For starters, I'm figuring out my Halloween costume for this year. I have a posse posed to go Jem and the Holograms with me. I'm going as AJA (the one with the blue hair ;))
At this point I feel a little tinsy bit behind.
I'm finishing up some sketching I did this weekend after a hike on a pretty part of the Appalachian trail.

AND carving pumpkins and roasting seeds and such:

(poor little guy didn't know he was supposed to last until Sunday)
Oh, and gawking at the leaves, my very favorite thing today:

How could I ever leave the seasons.
Run over and peek at the other, I'm sure they'll be more focused than this nuttiness.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hay, Hay, Hay...

It's hayride time.  And look what we found peeking out of the pumpkin patch! 

I think he just might have a pulse thanks to:





Yep, it's turning into the happiest pumpkin patch on the planet!  That's how we like to roll at AmberInk!

PS.  Way to go Rhonda.  You won Aloha Friday.  Those mini cheesecakes sent out a lucky vibe ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Aloha Friday....

No work till Monday ...doo dee doo doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo.

Well who could have thought that June Cleaver could be so controversial!  I mean, afterall, she was such a nice lady.  Of course life wasn't totally perfect, but that's why we had area rugs - so we could just sweep the dirt right under them!  As a Baby Boomer myself I loved growing up during that time period.  "The Beaver" was my contemporary and for me it truly was a time of hopefulness and kindness and a promise for an even better tomorrow.  That is what we will celebrate this ALOHA FRIDAY.


It's best to save an image to your computer file first.
Make sure you put the category # (1,2,3) and your name.
That's it! See...easy peasy.
Keep your fingers crossed and Amber may reward a random winner with a little prize to the store, otherwise just chalk it up to a fun start to your weekend!
See you Monday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun with Four Letter Words!

Did you ever notice that when  you go to the AmberInk homepage you are greeted by four happy four letter word buttons?

Have you clicked on all of them?

Of course you all go to the

And lots of you go to the

And some of you like to

But how many of you ever 
And when you think about it, look spelled backwards is really kool!  So don't forget to have a look ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A new challenge, a new view for WOYWW and a new release!

The behind the scene desk is a little crazy because as usual we are burning the midnight oil

but we'll just put on some fresh lipstick and a dash of perfume and we'll be fine right?? I mean let's give it up for all things Pleasantville! Our release will be slow and steady over the next week, so please keep checking back - I mean was there even a word for "stress" in the late 50's early 60's? I think not. As long as dinner is on the table by 6pm we'll be just fine!   

Our sweet little hostess w/the mostess
So with no further hairdo...this is what is on the next AmberInk's InKredible 21 day challenge:

We go back to the days when June Cleaver was everybody's favorite mother
and we get to look at things with rose colored glasses. The world is kind and
gentle, the neighbors are willing to give a helping hand to anybody in need, we
treat each other with respect - and of course the entire time we are doing all
of this we will be wearing pearls and smiling!

It starts with each one of us, and we'd sure like to see things get nice again!

Please join us with your AK's and RAK's with A.INK's this month.

Last month Lynne Phelps won Challenge #2 and created this wonderful set with Amber

Lynne has been a dream client - she knew exactly what she wanted and was clear and polite in every request. She has been on the "artist" end before so the artist understanding came through. See the progress in Winning Developments .

We are SO excited to work with Wendy Price who won Challenge #3.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


To a running start!!!!
Smooth as silk. Without a hitch. Don't we love a happy story? Follow along and cheer them on...

For the Brown Team...
Take one look at Jackie Randolph’s blog and you will quickly see how VERY lucky her 6 (count them 1,2,3,4,5,6) grandsons are! This summer has been her first summer of semi-retirement so she claims that she can now be that “OFFICIAL” stay – at – home granny. Do stampers call that a SAHG? Probably. One of those grandsons has been fortunate enough to live full time with Jackie and her hubby for the past 10 years. They have one little girl too – 11 year old Abby who just happens to be a….dachshund! As a child Jackie dreamt of being a doctor, but who needs a zillion years of medical school when you’re a doctor of souls! We can say this because any blog that started a little over a year ago and now has nearly 400 followers must be offering the right kind of medicine. Go get your prescription filled @

For the Blue Team...
Shannon Erskine does the kind of stamping that only the sweetest, most perfect of southern belles could do! She lives in country comfort in a small one stoplight town in the south of Georgia, USA. Her granny lives in the house in front, an uncle in the house behind, her MIL across the street and her dad down the road – all this about a block away from a peanut mill. She loves good southern cooking and even drinks sweet tea – but NOT from a mason jar! It makes us want to start writing a novel with Shannon as the main character!!! She has been married for nine years and has three of the most adorable little monsters you could ever find! The one word she uses to describe herself? Content. Forget the shrink this week and visit Shannon’s blog instead @
For the Purple Team...
Only the very coolest of mom’s help their kids set up a stamping blog of their own! Rhonda Miller sets the pace for Abby (9), William (7), Lizzy (6), and Lydia (2) . She colors, they color. She crafts, they craft. She blogs, they blog. She cooks, they cook. Hmmm…do we hear dream mom in our midst? She shares the four of them with her DH of twelve years, their dachshund named Lady, kitty Coyote and kitty Miss Kitty! Rhonda says that her worst habit is losing things, but no doubt she is the kind of mom who will send the kids on a treasure hunt to find it. See how fun stamping can be again @

For the Orange Team...
Can you just smell the creativity in the air? We can! Of course we are year of the dog girls (don’t go there) but we share a common trait with our next torchbearer…who by her own accord has “an extreme sense of smell…like a bloodhound!” Since we are experts, we know an amazing bouquet when our proboscises detect it! Emily Leiphart lives in the Great White North (Toronto, Canada) with her husband of six years, their two-year-old son and an earthy tabby feline. She loves to travel and if she could be anywhere, it would be in Italy where -let it be said right here and now- she and her family will be retiring to one day. Hmmm...our noses are acting up again!!! We are getting a whiff of excitement combined with orange and lemon trees, pink Neapolitan ice cream, truffles, chestnuts roasting and oh, what is that? Must be Emily's imagination and creativity again!! Smell See for yourself @

For the Pink Team...
Lorraine Lowe comes to us from a very strong UK based PINK TEAM. She is an avid crafter, gardener and animal lover. Lorraine is a single mom to a loving son and two fur babies – a Loppear Rabbit named JoJo and a Jack Russell named Polo. She was first introduced to stamping on QVC and upon retiring, treated herself to a laptop and joined the land of blog! See her awesome stuff @'re so excited to have her!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Our Babes are getting ready for the hand off!  The new torchbearers are in eyeshot now!  Let's give it up for Charmaine, Crafty Chris, Joni, Melissa and Sunghee!  Gosh aren't they amazing!!!!  Remember...

Haven't they covered some ground?  Pure beauty in motion!  Check back tomorrow for the hand off!  Break a leg ;)

And the winner is....

Amber will fill in the blank from our overly awesome Aloha Friday winner here________.  I think in the Big City they call this being passive aggressive...or in my neck of the woods they call it being a mom!  The winner will get __________ from the AmberInk store ;)  Please contact us for the code.

We are so looking forward to announcing the passing of the torches tomorrow so please come back and be ready to cheer!  Look what we missed from some most inspired present and past torchbearers...

Would you SO like to be Crafty Chris' daughter or what?

And friends forever from our dear Charmaine

And from our so so most cute as a pumpkin Karin

And just in case you might have missed it...Mummy Wendy

And wishing you some creeptaculars ahead... Lynne!

 Be sure to check in tomorrow to cheer on the passing of the torches!  Just you's gonna be great!!! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Aloha Friday...

No work till Monday ...doo dee doo doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo.

It is Aloha Friday and it is Autumn and that means...there must be a few good football games going on this weekend.  Time to get the hibachi out and head to a parking lot somewhere in America!  We are from football country but now that Amber lives in baseball country we can certainly appreciate George Carlin's comparisons between football and baseball.   "Baseball begins in the spring, the season of new life. Football begins in the fall, when everything's dying."

So which is it?  Football or Baseball?

#3.  A speech or words that inspire you to become a better player person.
Add a link or three and inspire us.  You may just win the prize!
It's best to save an image to your file first.

Make sure you put the category # (1,2,3) and your name.

That's it! See...easy peasy.