Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rain. Rain. Go. Away. Or Else.

We're record breakers.

At least in all of this I get to know that somehow, even in its most sick and twisted way, we won! Seriously, New England, way to bring it home. Granted, My living room is covered in pots and pans and dripping water. Poor little roof just couldn't take NYC's competitive nature this week. I am so SICK of rain.

Ick to the Y-U-C-K

The only thing good about this kind of weather is Boots.
All I'm sayin' is this better bring April Flowers. With this much rain I don't want to have to way for May ;)

When I'm dealing with weather like this all I want to do is listen to Bob Dylan - preferably from his 'All along the Watchtower' days and eat popcorn.

What is your idea of making the most of a rainy day?
By now you should have lots of practice.

Happy Rain Day

Saturday, March 27, 2010

On Watching Our Growing Pains


Two days ago, when we realized our shopping cart wasn't working (thanks to you letting us know!) , my best friend told me 'You are like Miley Cyrus." I did a spit take. "I AM NOT!" I emphatically let her know while I mopped water off the table.

"Well, everyone has to watch you grow up at Amber Ink. It's like you immediately had SO many people watching you, and now every mistake you make is in the public eye. Just don't go dating a Jonas Brother, OK?" -- I make no promises.

This week has been BUGGY. We think we're through it. Between our shopping cart not working, and sometimes a random file not getting through, you have all been Cinderella-kind. It seems like we finally got going at a good clip and we figured out the obscure techie problem that has been only letting very random payments get through our shopping cart. The tech guy at PayPal let us know that a ton of your payments were attempted to be made but not actually happening. As a result we have realized that maybe we were meant to make more that $9 in the last two weeks, and that is heartening.

Now that these bugs are gone we're going to get to put up some inventory!

We are so thankful that we've had such an amazing send off. It makes us giddy every time we show up on your blogs. We are SO SO SO thankful that you have had patience with us, even though that's not the platform we're running on

Thank you for supporting us through our growing pains.

Now that these bugs are gone we get to put up some inventory!

Keep your eye out this weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Temporary Stupid Problem

We're having problems with paypal bouncing you lovely people back and forth between paypal and our shop. We're working to fix it and will post an update when it's not broken anymore. Sorry for annoying things.

This Temporary Stupid Problem is TOAST. WE BURNED it. It's OVER
...that is all.

Bunny Lovin'

A few of these babies just hit the shop.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Why So Long in the Ears?

This baby was digiStamped using Contemplative Bunny, now available at Amber Ink . He's a little disappointed because he was looking forward to playing with all his friends today. Check back later this week for an entire bury of bunnies.

I colored Contemplative Bunny in post haste with a violet Derwent INKtense pencil before painting over the image with water. Once dry, I used a Faber Castel chalk pastel to give him some pink in his cheek. I used a small dot of acrylic to give him the twinkle in his eye.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hippity, Hoppity,

Easter's on Its Way!
Yesterday at church when this fact was brought to my attention, I decided I'd draw a bunny.

That seemed to go pretty well. So I decided I'd draw another.

And another.

Then this bunny seemed to be looking for something....

I figured with Spring (allegedly) right around the corner he was pr'olly looking for love.
Sometimes this goes well.

Sometimes it does not.

Sometimes it is frustrating.

Sometimes it is simple.

Sometimes it is passionate.

Sometimes it is shy.

Sometimes it is centered on tradition.

I thought maybe these Love Bunnies were pretty serious about one another.

They'd probably want their own little families.

Bunny Babies!

Then I made myself stop.

Happy Almost Easter.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Badges? Badges?

We don't need no stinkin' badges.

Well, just incase you do...
Amber Ink. has a new page!
We have blog badges hot off the press and looking like that cutesy button over there in our sidebar. Let everyone know that you're brilliant, not patient with an Amber Ink. badge.

Here's how you make them work.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hey, Bag Lady ;)

Today is my kid sister's birthday! When I think about April B. or Prilly, or the Apie, as she is sometimes called, Her particular passion for purses has not gone unnoticed.

When she was little she used to lug these gigantic bags around. She was BoHo Chic before the Olsen Twins had stopped saying "No Way, DUDE!" It was a common occurrence for her to drag a bag or two to the car, carefully climb into the car, reach down to grab the bag and fall back out of the car because the bag was so heavy it pulled her down. She might have been in diapers but she was stylish.

On one trip to Vegas when April was about four she lagged far behind us, again with more bags than we would have needed for a beach picnic. The bags just seemed so heavy and she was so small. Taking pity on her my mom and I went back to help her carry a few. When we picked them up we almost fell over too! She'd been walking along the Las Vegas strip picking up decorative landscape rocks and filling up her bags! That was the day we officially started calling her bag lady.

Now that she's all grown up her sense of style has changed a hundred times. She's always throwing together this or that, but the bags remain a staple of my April.

This set is straight from my sketchbook, and in just under the wire. My mom reported that my sissie tore open the presents I'd sent at the stroke of midnight last night, when she had just barely turned 23. When I asked April about it she defended herself by saying "Well, it is MY birthday and my birthday starts at midnight!" So this post happened on her birthday, March 9th and that is what counts ;)

Happy Birthday, kiddo. I love you. I think you're the tops.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Extra! Extra!

This just in! We have our first card. The amazing and talented and wonderful Lesley over at (what a witty blog name) has made the very first digiStamp Amber Ink. card!

I am over the moon and couldn't help but share. My cup of joy overflows and runs out the door, jovially down the sidwalk, across the bridge and uptown towards the wild. Pure bliss.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bears Need People

People need bears.

coming soon to a certain special stamping site near you ;)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sometimes When it is 5am

you should just go to bed, even if you are too excited and you'd rather be building your company.

Here at Amber Ink. we tell it like it is.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Wait is Over!

Well, kind of.....
Have you been waiting for something? Is it hard? Do you just wish it would come already!?

Amber Stamps 'Hope, Popcorn & Wine' digital stamp set was made just for you

Visit our shop to get your hot little hands on your own FREE copy.

Hope, Wine & Popcorn by Amber Alvarez is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.