Saturday, March 27, 2010

On Watching Our Growing Pains


Two days ago, when we realized our shopping cart wasn't working (thanks to you letting us know!) , my best friend told me 'You are like Miley Cyrus." I did a spit take. "I AM NOT!" I emphatically let her know while I mopped water off the table.

"Well, everyone has to watch you grow up at Amber Ink. It's like you immediately had SO many people watching you, and now every mistake you make is in the public eye. Just don't go dating a Jonas Brother, OK?" -- I make no promises.

This week has been BUGGY. We think we're through it. Between our shopping cart not working, and sometimes a random file not getting through, you have all been Cinderella-kind. It seems like we finally got going at a good clip and we figured out the obscure techie problem that has been only letting very random payments get through our shopping cart. The tech guy at PayPal let us know that a ton of your payments were attempted to be made but not actually happening. As a result we have realized that maybe we were meant to make more that $9 in the last two weeks, and that is heartening.

Now that these bugs are gone we're going to get to put up some inventory!

We are so thankful that we've had such an amazing send off. It makes us giddy every time we show up on your blogs. We are SO SO SO thankful that you have had patience with us, even though that's not the platform we're running on

Thank you for supporting us through our growing pains.

Now that these bugs are gone we get to put up some inventory!

Keep your eye out this weekend!!!


Rhonda Miller said...

I love your sketch, it's soo cute. Everybody goes through growing pains. Let's you know you're still alive.

Shannan Teubner said...


Mary J said...

Amber, Giraffes are my favourite animals (don't tell my Yellow Labradors though)! I can't wait until you get these into the shop - hurry up!

Hey, I found in my stamp stash a set called "Kiss the Cook" - did you create this set too? I just noticed the style is extremely similar! I made a card with it last night and put it up here on my blog...

Dawn said...

OMG! That sketch is AWESOME! I really love your style! Gotta go check out the store now that the hiccups are cured :)