Monday, March 15, 2010

Hippity, Hoppity,

Easter's on Its Way!
Yesterday at church when this fact was brought to my attention, I decided I'd draw a bunny.

That seemed to go pretty well. So I decided I'd draw another.

And another.

Then this bunny seemed to be looking for something....

I figured with Spring (allegedly) right around the corner he was pr'olly looking for love.
Sometimes this goes well.

Sometimes it does not.

Sometimes it is frustrating.

Sometimes it is simple.

Sometimes it is passionate.

Sometimes it is shy.

Sometimes it is centered on tradition.

I thought maybe these Love Bunnies were pretty serious about one another.

They'd probably want their own little families.

Bunny Babies!

Then I made myself stop.

Happy Almost Easter.


Lesley said...

Amber, I *love* your bunnies. My 2-year old is a bunny FREAK! Thanks for the smile on a Monday morning...

Mary J said...

Oh my goodness, they are sooo lovely!

dini said...

What is this, on your bulletin or something? I have been known to find card inspiration during church from the blouse in front of me... love love love the bunnies. Ab.So.Lute.Ly. precious.

Sam said...

These are beautiful!!! You are so talented!!!

Tink said...

LOVE the bunny's! When will they be digi stamps?

AmandaB said...

OOOOOOOOOooooooooo, these bunnies are so adorable... I also stopped by your store and got a few digi sets.. Thanks so much for the freebies, and when I make some thing I will post you link and send you a pic as while..

Thanks again,

Penni said...

Love these bunnies and there little adventure together!!!


Melissa S said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the bunnies! I love seeing your creative process!

Caroline said...

How clever are you.... love the Bunny Story :)

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Hi Amber, OMG, these are most adorable! Your story is fabulous. Fabulous! I might even make this post my home page for a while... ok, I'm officially pathetic.

Thanks for the freebies, too. You're definitely on my must-read list.


Arty'mrs said...

THese are all so fabulous, cute and so much fun too
Hugs Carole

Amberbop said...

Haha, Thanks so much for loving these little love bunnies. I can't wait to get them to you!