Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Workdesk - Balancing act

It's been a hectic week in my personal/work/emotional life. Friends and friends and people in and people out and sometimes it seems like a house of cards - but then I remember... "I am more a brick house than a stick house." Everything seems to come back together and I brush the NYC dust off my clothes (literally) and get back up on that proverbial horse.

Amber Ink. had another first on Monday. We ended the voting on our very first ever INKredible 21-day Challenge at !!!
It was an exhilarating challenge and the entries were truly brilliant!

Congratulations to our top 3 girlies! We'll be announcing the winners on the 20th!! I am so excited about the prize, because I think it's kinda awesome and I hope you guys like it too.

With the challenge wrapping up and life going on, there have been a lot of things to keep in the air. Challenge blog was our amazing (th)Ink Tank Babe, Pinky's idea. My business partner, aka Incredimombo (just mom to me) took it up as her torch and has been running with it for the last three weeks. We're so excited about next months' challenge. We'll announce it on release day (the 20th) and it might even have a celebrity hostess!!! (shhh...)

When the idea for the challenge was brought up, Incredimombo might have said "I need another thing to do like I need a hole in my head." We came up with the compromise of making it a nice long challenge, for more people to play and more brilliance to happen. We like letting the magic sit. Plus we know you all have a toppling pile of demands on your plate too!

I'm designing some new art for the blog's redesign and reveal this month! Keeping to the 'like a hole in my head' concept.....we're designing a girl who's just got so much going on and SO much to juggle. Here are very early concept designs:

They are what is on my workdesk today

I would LOVE for you to stop by and see the end results next week when our INKredible challenge kicks off all over again

What are you juggling this week? I'd love to know. If your workdesk is a telling one, pop over to Julia's because it's the pick up you NEED.

P.S. One of the fun things that happened this week was brunch with the phenomenal Tanny P.! This girl is even fresher than that blithe face would lead you to believe! Tanny's carrying the torch for Amber Ink. this month and she ran it over to this side of the border for a NYC dream vacation. Seriously, after ten years of life in this state, I think we might be tied for fantastic experiences. Check it out on her blog and remember, be inspired, not pea green with envy :)

P.P.S. Three cheers for life imitating art.

Back to the balance board ?


Karin said...

Love this WOYWW post & that fab photo of you and Tanny P! You are amazing girl...Looks like you take after your IncrediMOMbom :) :) Can't wait until I can see the new INK stuff for myself! Yay congrats to the winners and let the love of all things Amber Ink be spread!

Sue said...

Hi ya
sounds like you are very busy, great drawings of your balancing act, fab piccie,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

wendyp said...

love getting a peek at possible new stamps! love the idea of someone balancing everything because some days it sure does feel like the pictures!

tomatoes??? What kinda snack is that? healthy stuff...blech! ;) LOL!

Helen said...

What a great post, have a great day.

Dawn said...

Love the ballet girl on the right very lovely drawings

Love Dawn xx

Sarpreet said...

gorgeous stamps, fab workspace,Happy WOYWW! Thank you for sharing your workspace (Linky number 19)

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh my, I totally know the girl in your preliminary sketches. make her fat and forty something and it'll be like looking in the mirror!

Doone said...

hahaha - I don't juggle I DROP!!!!

Dx ( linky 49)

Doone said...

hee hee- gonna sketch me collapsed on my chaise longue glass of wine in hand - all jobs scattered tothe floor around me!!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That really IS one incredible balancing act. It's amazing how sometimes art is inspired by what is happening in our own lives. Love the tomatoes, though. Happy WOYWW.

Sarah said...

Those sketches are great

Susan Allan said...

Love your artwork and the tomatoes.

That looks like my daughter on your computer screen, she likes to do arabesques and things.

Best wishes
Sue xx 47

Claireliz said...

great artwork, I love to see a busy desk
C (25)

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Gorgeous designs and I hope you find your juggling a lot easier this week!


Ciara said...

You're clearly a very busy lady! Love the sketches :-)