Friday, July 16, 2010

If Only ALL Housekeeping Were This Much Fun!

We Have a Winner!!!

And the winner isssssssssssss...

The fabulous stamper of genius, Jacquie of Java Blu Fame is our fifth person to post about our
Grand Opening on our Facebook page!!!!

Thanks to everyone for hitting the streets and promoting us on FB and thanks to our Ambassador of Awesome, Shannan for coming up with this fun play-along idea!

Jacquie wins a $15 gift certificate to our shop at !!!

She can use it now, or wait to see all of the fantastic fun new things we're releasing

Have you seen some of our (th)Ink Tank's delicious sneak peek snippits?

Read more about our Brilliant (th)Ink Tank and get to their blogs with one click
(maybe two but that sounds like it's for people with patience) from our new spot on our website!
So far I am loving the way they're creating!!!
I'm so lucky to have such babes running the Amber Ink. Torch for me!!

This snippit is from one of my favorite cards Karin with an i is sneak peeking this week! I cannot wait for you to see how fun this is! Seriously. I am lame and self containing.

The very vibrant Pinky is rocking my world over at Pinky's World

Check out these swatches from cards that are going to seriously blow your mind!

Taylor is rocking our SpinPin deconstruct paper in Milk White and Milk White Whisper!
If you want to learn more about iPaper, Taylor has a great bit of 411 on her blog. If you don't want to learn more about iPaper you should run to Taylor's blog anyway because today's post highlight's some adorable antics from her four year old daughter. We're not really marketing the Hope, Popcorn and Wine set as 'kid friendly' but I love that Ava didn't let that stop her ;)

We'll have a lot more to show you tomorrow when true sneak peeks start!

Don't forget to run buy our (th)Ink Tank's blogs!
They're creating with a fever!


Taylor said...

That's me - -world's greatest mom, lol. My kid knows exactly what a bottle and glass of wine look like, and how to color them!! We had so much fun with this set!

Simone P. said...

Super cute Taylor! Love it!

Javablustamper said...

AWESOME snippets!! AND......OMGosh!! I cannot believe it!! I am SO excited!! THANK YOU so much!! I cannot wait for the new releases!! You ALL are AMAZING!! Have a FABULOUS weekend!! I will be visiting you to see ALL the peeks!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the sneaks of course they are only making me MORE impatient!!! I AM DYING to see all the new goodies!!

Dawn said...

CONGRATS Jacquie!!!

Whimsey said...

YIPPEE; lovin' the sneak peaks!!!