Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meet Our (th)INK TANK!!!

We thought you should know...

Shannan Teubner is the leader of the pack and our General Stamping Ambassador of Awesomeness. Shannan has more than the normal five senses ... actually she has about seven. One time her sense of touch went on the blink. She spent an entire day limping around with a sore between her toes. She was so busy crafting and couldn't be bothered, but that night when she checked, she found a piece of red Tacky Tape backing stuck between her toes.
Shannan spends a billion dollars a year on stamping supplies (hey, at least it's not a trillion). She also spends trillions in love and time with her two little guys (aged 10 and 7) and her two BIG dogs Lucy and Tucker.
You can see some of Shannan's awesomeness @

Karin Martin
is one crafty girl. Even her blog title is clever – Karin with an I for paper. Karin’s projects stood out to us because they seemed to have a bit of magic in them. It didn’t surprise us one bit that Sabrina from Bewitched was a personal fave (and so cute too). Not only is this spunky Ohio girl clever and smart, but so is her hubby Rod. One day when he came home from work, there was Karin telling him about ALL the things that she had to do that day – errands, cleaning, dealing w/repairmen, on and on… “Aw, it couldn’t have been that bad if you still had time to make cards!” said perceptive DH. “Who said anything about cards?” inquired Karin with an I. Rod replied “You have sparkles all over your face!”
Please celebrate with us (and Karin’s one year blog anniversary) by seeing her sparkles @

Nicole Anderson permeates energy and warmth! She says that she sometimes overcommits herself, but it would be hard not to with four busy kids (will the end of baseball season make a difference?) four neighbor boys that hang out at “the cool” house all day, one dog, two cats, one DH , papercrafting, crocheting, jewelry making, exercising and volunteering. We are thrilled to have her high powered energy and pep added to the AmberInk Torch! And with all that this busy lady has to juggle, we’ll appreciate the occasional sticky dot on her pants and copic smudge on her cheek.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, please get it sunny side up @

Pinky O'Hagan hails from Co. Armagh N. Ireland and quite simply exudes charm. When we look at Pinky’s World, we want to do it from our comfy chair and with a cup of tea. No wonder she is known as the Agony Aunt, whom everyone goes to to get their problems solved. Patricia lives at the end of the rainbow, next to the pot of gold with her hubby and two sons (another son is married), one daughter and one little squirt.
Please dip into Pinky’s World @

Suzi McKenzie
comes to us from Aberdeen Scotland . Suzi caught our eye because we sensed something quite special and alluring in the slightly mad world of Mrs. Weyremaster. If we kept going back for more we thought you would too! When Suzi isn’t creating cards, facebooking, circle journaling or drawing, she can be found sipping tea with Stewart or catnapping with Cleo and Alice.

See more of Suzi’s wonderful world @

Taylor Usry
(Ussree) is a mommy to brand new baby Owen and four year old Ava Grace, yet still finds time to carry the torch for AmberInk! And are we ever happy about that! Taylor has a keen eye for style and line and a “go gettum” approach to everything she does. She recently had to fess up to DH Skip about her plethora of stamping supplies which had to be moved into the family room to make way for baby. She is currently looking for some good camouflage storage tips ;). Besides being a profuse stamper, Taylor is also a voracious reader. Is Southern Virginia really the middle of nowhere? We don’t know, but boredom is certainly not in this savvy babes vocabulary!

We’re not sure if she really gets too many quiet moments, but we’re glad she finds the moments she does to post on her wonderful blog @

I simply CANNOT wait for you to see their complete and utter brilliance! I'm so thankful they said yes to my plea for an inaugural team of torchbearers and for their patience as I've just barely started to get my sea legs!


Shannan Teubner said...

Wild Ruckus is right!! WAHOOO!!

Shannan Teubner said...

P.S. what are my other 2 senses? LOL

Taylor said...

Yay!!! Thanks SO SO much for inviting me - this is so exciting!

pinky said...

Now remember girls, any problems come to me lol. Big hugs Amber for letting me be on your first ever design team.

Karin said...

Thanks Amber...So happy to be along for the beginning of this wild ride :)

Danni said...

How exciting!

Nicole said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I love my intro! HOW FUNNY! You got me pegged already! LOL! HUGS, so excited and blessed to be on this team! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Virgo5 said...

Congratulations, what a fabulous compilation of talent! I love the Bio presentation with the retro pics, how adorable!
I'm so excited for the opening, your images were my favorite at Hanna's, I'm so glad to see they will be available again!

Mrs Weyremaster said...

Thank You Amber for inviting me along on this wonderful journey, can't wait for it to begin:)

Javablustamper said...

WOW!! Such talented ladies!! Congrats to ALL!! I cannot wait to see all of your creations!! Heck, I cannot wait to see all the AWESOME images too!! Have a WONDERFUL day!!