Monday, August 30, 2010

Motivation Monday - Live Under the Sun

Love under the stars...

This month marks my 10 year NYC-a-versary. I've known this day was coming for ages, but it still feels like a 'pinch me' kind of moment.

I'm a Brooklynite now. I think maybe I've always been one, dormant at times, but forever moving towards this place that was always meant to be my home.

I delight in the little moments that are quintessentially Brooklyn.

Lately I feel a push towards the beyond. I wonder at the fact that I've managed to stay put in one place for so very long. That doesn't seem like me at all. Yet here I am. I keep wondering at where I'll be in years to come. I won't lie. Part of me can't ever imagine shopping at one store for everything I need. I think in my snobby NYC way, 'what a waste!' Food is meant to be gathered at the local bakery, the local vegetable store, the specialty cheese shop. Wine from a grocery store seems like a joke. I know that eventually time will pull me from this magical place, but regardless of where I go, or IF I go, I know that Brooklyn, will always be my adopted home.

When I got back from the magical and tropical paradise that was the Bahamas a earlier this month, I actually felt my pulse slow, my body calm and my lungs sigh a deep whisper of relief and peace to be back in my beloved Brooklyn.

Ten years ago I snapped this picture outside of my second story dorm room in Pantas Hall at Pratt Institute. We couldn't find a plane ticket that would get me in New York in time for school unless I went two days before official check in. Without a cell phone and too scared to scamper to Myrtle Avenue for phone cards I'd managed my first really truly all alone night alone. I woke up to find the campus full of newbies. I grabbed my little disposable camera and froze that moment of endless possibility as the sun came barreling up over the Arc.

I look at this photo ten years later, almost to the day, and I marvel at everything that girl was, more complete than I'll ever be again but so infinitely fragile.

That girl had never really been alone, never really been in love, never had the kind of friends that are family, never knew what it is to make hard decisions, or to suffer or delight over the result of those choices.

I sat on a park bench in Carroll Gardens on Sunday with my buddy Ashley. She highlighted a truth that I've been feeling but not quite able to put into words.

'We're in a place right now, where we can make decisions that alter the course of our life, and we can make them in five minutes flat!'

I remember what that feels like, it feels like being a freshman in college. So maybe I am still as brave, and a little less scared, but mostly so much stronger and just happy to be here.

While I feel the need for a change... I look back on this decade with wisdom, love, and so much gratitude. Awww...Brooklyn, I'll love you forever.

Who knows what I'll feel when I look back on pictures from this month ten years from now?
I hope they draw a smile.

My motivation this week is being drawn straight up from the ground. For this entire week I push myself - and you, to pay attention to the world around you. Take the time to find little surprises of joy in your day to day. Step off the beaten path and remember your ten years ago self. She deserves that token of reflection. End each evening with a deep sigh of thanks for where you are and where you are going.

I hope it brings you the kind of happiness Brooklyn has brought me, the kind that fills your soul.

Friday, August 27, 2010


...No work till monday.  Doo dee doo doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo.
Okay, Hana Hou!  This weekend we decided to channel EAT, PRAY, LOVE. 

We loved the book.
We loved the Ted Talk.

We loved the movie.

The topic is pretty good for Aloha Friday though.  So pick one or all three.  What things in this category inspired YOU this week?  We nom nom nom it when you SHARE.  We PRAY for you to add your Linky.  We LOVE it when you do.

Too much?  Yes, we're not known for  our restraint at AmberInk.

Here are a few things that inspired us this week:

(a recipe you tried or something you want to EAT)

#2.  PRAY
(inspirational words or spiritual place to retreat)

#3.  LOVE
(something you saw that you LOVE this week)

As Always, only one rule:::NO PAPER.  Even genius needs a break.

No need to link to your blog.  Just make sure you put your name and category when you link. You can play all weekend long.  Ends on Monday morn.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Om Nom Nom!

This morning one of the total babes, in my Amber (th)Ink Tank
asked about our current 'Om Nom Nom!' set.

"What does it mean!?"
Oh man, this excited me. To be able to introduce someone to the wonder that is 'Om Nom and Nom!?'. What a lucky day. For all of you girls dealing in cards and not spending all your days googling Lol cats, here's a briefer.

I was delighted to find this informative video on You Tube and couldn't wait to share my delight with all of you, who so very often share your knowledge and genius with me ;)
In the meantime, have you ever seen anything more delicous!?

Consider me schooled.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I love you and I want to hold you forever.  If I paint mermaids and fish will you stay?...Please?

Please keep summer in your prayers too.  Maybe if there are enough of us praying she'll stay a little longer. Oh, and  I know Summer is a she because she's been hot, but now she's getting cold ;( 

Don't forget to visit Julia and see what other WOYWWers are up to.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Motivation Monday

An NFL Football Player and some sweet birthday candy.

A while back, Amber started a weekly Pow Wow with her friend Sandra. They call it "Motivation Monday". Each week they set goals and then check in on each other to make sure that they accomplish them. Sometimes they get together in person, but more often than not it is done on the phone and the internet. Something amazing happened. They started crossing things off of their TODO lists.

So that is what this big ol NFL football player is doing on this pretty little stamping blog.
 He is here to remind us to build those muscles.
 Get Motivated to push toward failure.

It is the same on the football field or in a stamping studio. Push yourself to failure. BAM. You get better.

And now for something sweet...and can't get much sweeter than this:

HIGH 5 To our Rockin' Torchbearer THANH. She is having a birthday and being the INKredible working girl that she is, she is sharing it with us and giving away AWESOME CANDY! You know what that means? That means that she will have the best birthday EVER!! Smart Girl. Now go get some candy and wish Thanh a Happy Happy Day. YAY!

Friday, August 20, 2010


It's Aloha Friday!  No work till Monday.  Doo dee doo, doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo. You know what that means?  Time to PLAY... all weekend long!!!!  And what will we play with?

The torchbearers have been on FIRE for the past three days.  They will show you.  Are the flames too bright?  Should you put on some shades before you look?

We have been amazed at the length of their stride! 

 Way to fly:

Please have a snoop around Amber Ink today and see what's new.

You might see something that looks like this:

                                                                     Or this:

                                                           Or maybe even this:

We have an exciting new challenge blog too. 
 Lynne will tell you all about it  or you can check it out HERE

It has been exactly one month since our doors opened at Amber Ink.  Thank you all so much for sharing your knowledge,  your brilliance, but especially your compassion while we learn to be a real company.  We've decided that stamping is every bit about the wonderful people we are meeting as it is about the product.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's on my Chaise Lounge Wednesday...

A little blurry, just like my eyeballs.  We're getting ready for a launch on the 20th, so catnapping on the Chaise is acceptable right?  That IS what leopard print is for isn't it?  We have new product being inventoried and too much to do, so no need to be uncomfortable.  The desk itself?  Next week, for sure ;)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... wasn't yesterday so amazing?  These torchbearers are running so strong and that flame is burning so brightly!  Are we ever proud of our BABES!  The Kiddo's couldn't be happier!       Please stop by today and give Lisa, Lynne, Thanh, Tanis and Wendy a cheer!


What a wunerful, wunerful Wednesday it is! Don't forget to stop by and see what is happening on other Workdesks all around the world today @ WOYWW

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Go For Launch!!

The torches have been passed! 
Meet our newest (th)Ink Tank!

Shannan Teubner

is the leader of the pack and our General Stamping Ambassador of Awesomeness. Shannan has more than the normal five senses ... actually she has about seven. One time her sense of touch went on the blink. She spent an entire day limping around with a sore between her toes. She was so busy crafting and couldn't be bothered, but that night when she checked, she found a piece of red Tacky Tape backing stuck between her toes. Shannan spends a billion dollars a year on stamping supplies (hey, at least it's not a trillion). She also spends trillions in love and time with her two little guys (aged 10 and 7) and her two BIG dogs Lucy and Tucker. You can see some of Shannan's awesomeness @


Tanis Palmer

doesn't sit still very often, but when she does put her feet up, it is in Alberta, Canada with her DH and 10 year old Kitty cat named Mystycka.  Can we say that Tanny likes to Ride?  She fancies anything that moves, from amusement park rides, golf carts, horses (she once thought she would become a professional equestrian rider) to bicycles.  You'll want to fix yourself a cool glass of lemonade just reading the list of bike runs she has finished (100K??) and plans to finish.  How she finds time to create such wonderful cards we'll never know, but you can find them on her blog @

Thanh Vo (pronounced "TAN")
is another Canadian in our midst from a place you may recognize from this past Winter Olympics 2010, the beautiful city of Vancouver BC.  You may recognize Thanh as a bartender on Raise the Bar.

This working girl has been known to sip a Cosmopolitan on her time off, as well as covertly do some crafting in her metropolitan Condo.  She tries to keep it under cover but sometimes it gets away from her.  If a coworker asks Thanh "What's that on your clothing", she tries NOT to tell them that it is adhesive backing from her other life as a stamper.  We're so pleased that Thanh could carry OUR torch for a spell.  See the flame in Vancouver @

Lisa Robson

is from the picturesque West Yorkshire, England, a most beautiful place in the world that is lush and picturesque and unfortunately only gets that way from rain - rain which doesn't provide for enough time to camp or mow the lawn!  Lisa shares her crafting space with her partner, her daughter, her kitty cats Coco and Stella and Bobby the Dog. 
 Lisa has been stamping for three years and once as a novice made a gorgeous card for her dad who did what all dad's do, put it up on the mantel, where all the bits and pieces of the lovely card proceeded to fall off!  Needless to say Lisa didn't use THAT brand of tape again.   When she was younger she wanted to drive a double decker bus which may possibly explain her LOVE of VW camper vans.  Thankfully for us she loves to stamp too.  You can see what we mean @

In Lynne Phelps
we find a world traveler who lived in New Orleans for a couple of decades, listens to classic rock and once dreamed of drawing the ladies on the fronts of sewing patterns.
This smart work from home Web/Graphic designer is a gifted creator and voracious reader with a wicked sense of humor.  She noted that she once bought a book on how not to procrastinate but put off reading it!  She never seems to procrastinate when she is creating though, which works for us!   
She loves to embellish and sometimes even does a number on herself!  Once while using superglue the embellishment stuck to her fingers and with no remover in the house she had to drive to the store - embellished!  If you are up at night creating, you'll probably find this savvy sister hard at work too @

Wendy Price
lives physically in New Jersey, but mentally in Tibet.  Well, maybe not really, but we sure noticed a lot of Zen-like habits in this SAHM!  Only Zen master stampers clean their crafting space several times while still WORKING on a project to maintain order.  Other Zen-like traits include leaving the house with a paintbrush in her hair, thus ignoring the outside world, and riding on motorcycles with her DH in search of Wa.  She is passing the creative flow on to her two boys and stepdaughter.  Recently when she looked in her storage container full of brads she discovered one of seven year old Willem's lego creations "scuba guy".  When questioned about the placement her son replied " yes, he's trapped in an iceburg".  Can you imagine what he could do with Copics?  See how she does it @

Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Aloha Friday!

It's Incredimombo again. Amber's back but since she is really nice AND since the last week's ALOHA FRIDAY was such a roaring success, she will let me try an encore. Please help me out here so after this week she will give me one more chance ;) Just find the things that inspired you this past week and add it to our linky.

And remember - only ONE rule. NO paper.

Make sure you put the category # and your name on your entry. We may draw for a prize and then again we may not. At AmberInk we always like to live on the edge.

I was in a trailer kind of mood, so here are the things that inspired me this past week.

                                                             #1. COOL HOTELS

                                                     #2. COOL BIRDS OR BIRDHOUSES

                                                      #3. COOL MOVIE TRAILERS

                                                      #4. Your favorite FOOD TRAILER

How to do it?
1. Save a photo to your file.
2. Copy the link you want to send us to
3. Click on the "Click here to enter"
4. Paste the link (make sure you don't have double http's)
5. Caption or Title - put a #1,2,3,4 or 5 and YOUR name
6. Pick "From File" and browse to get your image

Enter. That's it. You have until Monday people. Happy Trail-ers.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Workdesk?

In New York City if you ever find a person who doesn't read you know that they DO NOT WANT TO. I spend 40 minutes twice a day commuting on a train where all I have to do is sit until I arrive at my destination. I do this along with millions of other commuters. As a result, I finish a book every now and then.

I love books. They are like my second favorite thing next to people, and sometimes they trump people, but time to read leisurely sometimes seems too indulgent when it's not 'train reading'

This trip to the Bahamas was the very tip top of a mountain of fun because I could JUST READ. READ AND READ AND READ.
The problem, is now this is what my work desk looks like:

Oh, let's find something else to chip away at....
I'm not adjusting to 'just commuter' reading mode. I'm still in 'we are at the beach' reading mode.

So I'm working at my bookshelf, and spending a lot of time between it and my Kindle.
Then night before I won the Kindle I gave an impromptu oratory at a bar with the majority of my social circle on why I could see the Kindle being a good thing for some people, but how I for one would NEVER EVER own a Kindle. I let the box sit on my desk for two months before I opened it. Now it is a life line. If I forget it at home I think about it. I hope it's not lonely. I run home and hug it. Pathetic really.

So here's what I'm 'working' on this week:

The Duchess was reading this like crazy in the beach, waking up early to read it in the hotel, on the plane, on the train, in the rain... you get it, etc. etc.

I got to be next! Score! If winning second in line on a book isn't 'working' i don't know what is.
Last night I went to a party with a bunch of my favorite friends, and found out that one of them is #7! Since this book is all about winning, the victory is even sweeter.

P.S. Now that I've picked this up, putting it down really is quite the chore.

For me, summer is NOT summer without the Tillerman Saga. It's been this way for over a decade, and while this might be the tenth time I've read about Jeff Greene, I still love him in that perfect Gilbert Blythe sort of way. It's been so fun to revisit these old friends.

My other job, is preserving my tan. It's peeling like a citrus fruit. I'm battling it with these: Recommended by the Duchess:

If you can handle the smirk of the teenage boy bagging your groceries, this Happy Sensation is totally worth it.

and this:
Recommended by me, island girl turned body product snob, I still go back to the tried and true when it really matters, when it pertains to tan.

Use my example and 'get to work'. What are you working on?
After all, I'm going to need new recommendations after I'm finished with these current tasks ;)

Monday, August 9, 2010


In case you were wondering,

It's a there and back again kind of morning.

The view from our hotel room:

A quick walk to the pool:

The view of said pool:

(I know, right?)

The view of the beach.

Five days of sand and saltwater beats any NYC pedicure.

The view of the streets:

I was shocked to find the Bahamas prettier than I pictured it, and tickled to find that a majority of the buildings are pink.

View of historical natural, national beauty:


The view from the jungle:

A panoramic view south:

A view of the most relaxed I get (hopefully also the reddest):

After a lot of thinking and planning I decided to leave my laptop stateside. This face is the face of a girl who has abandoned the internet for the first time since the 90s.

See? Happy face:

(Ignore creepy kinda-winky eye.)

View from the boat!

What? You've never seen a dolphin before?

So here's the stats:

  • I swam with dolphins.
  • Ate infinate carbs for breakfast, every morning.
  • Spent less than five minutes on the internet.
  • Didn't have access to a phone.
  • Got burnt to a crisp
  • Hid from the sun under a hat, a first for sure.
  • Spent every day with some of the people I love best.
  • Ran from smoke INDOORS (what?! people have their Cubans hanging out of their mouths everywhere!)
  • Ate ice cream when I felt like it.
  • Won $8 at the slots
  • Sipped pretty drinks, shore side
  • I woke up when I wanted
  • I fell asleep when I wanted
  • I took my time doing whatever I wanted
  • Spent as much time in the water as the days of my youth.
  • I had a week of bliss, despite the sunburn and the HEAT! Bahamas is hot, mon.

Now I'm home, and luckily for me, home is one of the places I love best.
Still, you have to admit, "It's better in the Bahamas" ;)