Thursday, August 26, 2010

Om Nom Nom!

This morning one of the total babes, in my Amber (th)Ink Tank
asked about our current 'Om Nom Nom!' set.

"What does it mean!?"
Oh man, this excited me. To be able to introduce someone to the wonder that is 'Om Nom and Nom!?'. What a lucky day. For all of you girls dealing in cards and not spending all your days googling Lol cats, here's a briefer.

I was delighted to find this informative video on You Tube and couldn't wait to share my delight with all of you, who so very often share your knowledge and genius with me ;)
In the meantime, have you ever seen anything more delicous!?

Consider me schooled.


Karin said...

My cousin turned me on to "Can has cheez..." and I lovvve it!!! Although my childhood dog (named Sunshine...Awsome 70's name don'tcha think?) simply responded to, " It's Num Num time!"

Karin said...

Oops...Forgot to mention the FAB card...LOVE!

Doone said...

FABULOUS - om nom nom nom eating my breakfast - loved the vid - was supposed to be checking out your WOYWW but got waylaid!!!


wendyp said...

omgoodness, I am so behind in my google reader! I had a feeling it was something along the lines of "yummy" but I also hadn't heard of it. Of course my kids knew what it was instantly and I got the typical "duh mom" response.

Loved that video! I'm glad you enjoyed the card. What a sweet treat to see it on the blog. get it..."sweet". LOL!!!