Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Go For Launch!!

The torches have been passed! 
Meet our newest (th)Ink Tank!

Shannan Teubner

is the leader of the pack and our General Stamping Ambassador of Awesomeness. Shannan has more than the normal five senses ... actually she has about seven. One time her sense of touch went on the blink. She spent an entire day limping around with a sore between her toes. She was so busy crafting and couldn't be bothered, but that night when she checked, she found a piece of red Tacky Tape backing stuck between her toes. Shannan spends a billion dollars a year on stamping supplies (hey, at least it's not a trillion). She also spends trillions in love and time with her two little guys (aged 10 and 7) and her two BIG dogs Lucy and Tucker. You can see some of Shannan's awesomeness @


Tanis Palmer

doesn't sit still very often, but when she does put her feet up, it is in Alberta, Canada with her DH and 10 year old Kitty cat named Mystycka.  Can we say that Tanny likes to Ride?  She fancies anything that moves, from amusement park rides, golf carts, horses (she once thought she would become a professional equestrian rider) to bicycles.  You'll want to fix yourself a cool glass of lemonade just reading the list of bike runs she has finished (100K??) and plans to finish.  How she finds time to create such wonderful cards we'll never know, but you can find them on her blog @ http://tannyps-rubbish.blogspot.com/

Thanh Vo (pronounced "TAN")
is another Canadian in our midst from a place you may recognize from this past Winter Olympics 2010, the beautiful city of Vancouver BC.  You may recognize Thanh as a bartender on Raise the Bar.

This working girl has been known to sip a Cosmopolitan on her time off, as well as covertly do some crafting in her metropolitan Condo.  She tries to keep it under cover but sometimes it gets away from her.  If a coworker asks Thanh "What's that on your clothing", she tries NOT to tell them that it is adhesive backing from her other life as a stamper.  We're so pleased that Thanh could carry OUR torch for a spell.  See the flame in Vancouver @

Lisa Robson

is from the picturesque West Yorkshire, England, a most beautiful place in the world that is lush and picturesque and unfortunately only gets that way from rain - rain which doesn't provide for enough time to camp or mow the lawn!  Lisa shares her crafting space with her partner, her daughter, her kitty cats Coco and Stella and Bobby the Dog. 
 Lisa has been stamping for three years and once as a novice made a gorgeous card for her dad who did what all dad's do, put it up on the mantel, where all the bits and pieces of the lovely card proceeded to fall off!  Needless to say Lisa didn't use THAT brand of tape again.   When she was younger she wanted to drive a double decker bus which may possibly explain her LOVE of VW camper vans.  Thankfully for us she loves to stamp too.  You can see what we mean @ http://mess2magic.blogspot.com/

In Lynne Phelps
we find a world traveler who lived in New Orleans for a couple of decades, listens to classic rock and once dreamed of drawing the ladies on the fronts of sewing patterns.
This smart work from home Web/Graphic designer is a gifted creator and voracious reader with a wicked sense of humor.  She noted that she once bought a book on how not to procrastinate but put off reading it!  She never seems to procrastinate when she is creating though, which works for us!   
She loves to embellish and sometimes even does a number on herself!  Once while using superglue the embellishment stuck to her fingers and with no remover in the house she had to drive to the store - embellished!  If you are up at night creating, you'll probably find this savvy sister hard at work too @

Wendy Price
lives physically in New Jersey, but mentally in Tibet.  Well, maybe not really, but we sure noticed a lot of Zen-like habits in this SAHM!  Only Zen master stampers clean their crafting space several times while still WORKING on a project to maintain order.  Other Zen-like traits include leaving the house with a paintbrush in her hair, thus ignoring the outside world, and riding on motorcycles with her DH in search of Wa.  She is passing the creative flow on to her two boys and stepdaughter.  Recently when she looked in her storage container full of brads she discovered one of seven year old Willem's lego creations "scuba guy".  When questioned about the placement her son replied " yes, he's trapped in an iceburg".  Can you imagine what he could do with Copics?  See how she does it @ http://paperinkandsmiles.blogspot.com/


pinky said...

What a great bunch of ladies you have, enjoy the ride girls.

Karin said...

Fantastic bios!! Love that photo Tanis :)