Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Workdesk?

In New York City if you ever find a person who doesn't read you know that they DO NOT WANT TO. I spend 40 minutes twice a day commuting on a train where all I have to do is sit until I arrive at my destination. I do this along with millions of other commuters. As a result, I finish a book every now and then.

I love books. They are like my second favorite thing next to people, and sometimes they trump people, but time to read leisurely sometimes seems too indulgent when it's not 'train reading'

This trip to the Bahamas was the very tip top of a mountain of fun because I could JUST READ. READ AND READ AND READ.
The problem, is now this is what my work desk looks like:

Oh, let's find something else to chip away at....
I'm not adjusting to 'just commuter' reading mode. I'm still in 'we are at the beach' reading mode.

So I'm working at my bookshelf, and spending a lot of time between it and my Kindle.
Then night before I won the Kindle I gave an impromptu oratory at a bar with the majority of my social circle on why I could see the Kindle being a good thing for some people, but how I for one would NEVER EVER own a Kindle. I let the box sit on my desk for two months before I opened it. Now it is a life line. If I forget it at home I think about it. I hope it's not lonely. I run home and hug it. Pathetic really.

So here's what I'm 'working' on this week:

The Duchess was reading this like crazy in the beach, waking up early to read it in the hotel, on the plane, on the train, in the rain... you get it, etc. etc.

I got to be next! Score! If winning second in line on a book isn't 'working' i don't know what is.
Last night I went to a party with a bunch of my favorite friends, and found out that one of them is #7! Since this book is all about winning, the victory is even sweeter.

P.S. Now that I've picked this up, putting it down really is quite the chore.

For me, summer is NOT summer without the Tillerman Saga. It's been this way for over a decade, and while this might be the tenth time I've read about Jeff Greene, I still love him in that perfect Gilbert Blythe sort of way. It's been so fun to revisit these old friends.

My other job, is preserving my tan. It's peeling like a citrus fruit. I'm battling it with these: Recommended by the Duchess:

If you can handle the smirk of the teenage boy bagging your groceries, this Happy Sensation is totally worth it.

and this:
Recommended by me, island girl turned body product snob, I still go back to the tried and true when it really matters, when it pertains to tan.

Use my example and 'get to work'. What are you working on?
After all, I'm going to need new recommendations after I'm finished with these current tasks ;)


Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

I love your book shelf- so cute! I've read the Hunger Games because I needed to know what my 13 year old son was reading! Patsy from

Dawn said...

OMG! I love to read! The number books by Janet Evanovich are my favorites!!

Amberbop said...

Yay! Comments! Patsy, you just made me realize how fun teenagers could be :) Dawn, I haven't even heard of The Number Books, I'll head for those as soon as this 'work' is finished. I'm already on 'Catching Fire' the book after the Hunger Games. SOOO GOOD.

Heather x said...

Me too! I love books, all books :0)
I think my 4 year old daughter is going to be the same, she's always got a book in her hand :)
*hugs* Heather x

Cathy said...

WOW - you read a lot!
I have posted on my blog about what I am working on WOYWW, but have also used one of your images in a card swap - you can read about it here:
thanks for providing such great images to work with - I have 'I need it now' as a clear stamp set and 'tis the season' as a digi set - they are both great to work with.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love your book case. Your "desk" is pretty clever, too. I really had to laugh at your attachment to your Kindle. It really is a lifeline for many people, especially with long commutes. I used to drive 90 miles each day to work and back. I was hooked on books on tape, or my school lessons. I couldn't live without a tape player. Now it so old school, I feel like it was a lifetime ago. Nice to see someone else who reads.

Julia Dunnit said...

I've fallen into an alternate reality :) I understand every word of your post, am completely and utterly simpatico with the holidays + reading thing, the commute and reading thing and love the shot of your 'desk'. But i have no idea what a Kindle is. Is it a code you american gals are using? I can't crack it!

Minxy said...

Love your shelves tho i've not myself read a 'real' book in years.. all my latest books are arty altered types.. but what i do read i love martina cole.

Neet said...

I have fits and starts at reading - sadly crafting often gets in the way. Love your shelving.