Friday, August 27, 2010


...No work till monday.  Doo dee doo doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo.
Okay, Hana Hou!  This weekend we decided to channel EAT, PRAY, LOVE. 

We loved the book.
We loved the Ted Talk.

We loved the movie.

The topic is pretty good for Aloha Friday though.  So pick one or all three.  What things in this category inspired YOU this week?  We nom nom nom it when you SHARE.  We PRAY for you to add your Linky.  We LOVE it when you do.

Too much?  Yes, we're not known for  our restraint at AmberInk.

Here are a few things that inspired us this week:

(a recipe you tried or something you want to EAT)

#2.  PRAY
(inspirational words or spiritual place to retreat)

#3.  LOVE
(something you saw that you LOVE this week)

As Always, only one rule:::NO PAPER.  Even genius needs a break.

No need to link to your blog.  Just make sure you put your name and category when you link. You can play all weekend long.  Ends on Monday morn.


Amberbop said...

Sometimes Internet Explorer doesn't take to Linkys so well, but I can always get it to work with Firefox.

Karin said...

Thanks for the Firefox tip, I was about to give up...I hope what I tried to post using IE doesn't kick in, cuz then there will be a bunch of bruchetta pics from me :)

Amberbop said...

Oh Karin, Like we could EVER have too much bruchetta!!! Lately I've taken to snipping pieces off my basil plant and wrapping them around sticks of string cheese with a cherry tomato chaser. The lazy girl's version!

wendyp said...

I can not get the linky thing to take my link. It keeps saying its invalid. And then when I tried saving the picture and uploading it went to a spamus something site. weird. Anyway...fell in love with everything in this store, but I loved this cake pan...

Its PB&J!!!! How cute would that be for going back to school celebration and it goes along with the Om Nom Nom set. :)