Monday, August 9, 2010


In case you were wondering,

It's a there and back again kind of morning.

The view from our hotel room:

A quick walk to the pool:

The view of said pool:

(I know, right?)

The view of the beach.

Five days of sand and saltwater beats any NYC pedicure.

The view of the streets:

I was shocked to find the Bahamas prettier than I pictured it, and tickled to find that a majority of the buildings are pink.

View of historical natural, national beauty:


The view from the jungle:

A panoramic view south:

A view of the most relaxed I get (hopefully also the reddest):

After a lot of thinking and planning I decided to leave my laptop stateside. This face is the face of a girl who has abandoned the internet for the first time since the 90s.

See? Happy face:

(Ignore creepy kinda-winky eye.)

View from the boat!

What? You've never seen a dolphin before?

So here's the stats:

  • I swam with dolphins.
  • Ate infinate carbs for breakfast, every morning.
  • Spent less than five minutes on the internet.
  • Didn't have access to a phone.
  • Got burnt to a crisp
  • Hid from the sun under a hat, a first for sure.
  • Spent every day with some of the people I love best.
  • Ran from smoke INDOORS (what?! people have their Cubans hanging out of their mouths everywhere!)
  • Ate ice cream when I felt like it.
  • Won $8 at the slots
  • Sipped pretty drinks, shore side
  • I woke up when I wanted
  • I fell asleep when I wanted
  • I took my time doing whatever I wanted
  • Spent as much time in the water as the days of my youth.
  • I had a week of bliss, despite the sunburn and the HEAT! Bahamas is hot, mon.

Now I'm home, and luckily for me, home is one of the places I love best.
Still, you have to admit, "It's better in the Bahamas" ;)


Virgo5 said...

Good for you Amber! Looks like you had a great time, and what beautiful pictures!

pinky said...

OMG how cool are these pics. I might have made it my new home lol. Glad you had a chilled out time Amber.

Shannan Teubner said...

YAY!!! I misssssseeeedddddd youuuu!!!

wendyp said...

looks like a fantastic time!!! I want a wall like that on my house!!! LOVE the colors!