Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Aloha Friday!

It's Incredimombo again. Amber's back but since she is really nice AND since the last week's ALOHA FRIDAY was such a roaring success, she will let me try an encore. Please help me out here so after this week she will give me one more chance ;) Just find the things that inspired you this past week and add it to our linky.

And remember - only ONE rule. NO paper.

Make sure you put the category # and your name on your entry. We may draw for a prize and then again we may not. At AmberInk we always like to live on the edge.

I was in a trailer kind of mood, so here are the things that inspired me this past week.

                                                             #1. COOL HOTELS

                                                     #2. COOL BIRDS OR BIRDHOUSES

                                                      #3. COOL MOVIE TRAILERS

                                                      #4. Your favorite FOOD TRAILER

How to do it?
1. Save a photo to your file.
2. Copy the link you want to send us to
3. Click on the "Click here to enter"
4. Paste the link (make sure you don't have double http's)
5. Caption or Title - put a #1,2,3,4 or 5 and YOUR name
6. Pick "From File" and browse to get your image

Enter. That's it. You have until Monday people. Happy Trail-ers.


Javablustamper said...

Darn!! I did not put the # of the category I wanted to enter!!! I would LOVE to enter #1 please!! The pic is where we honeymooned!!! I LOVE it there!! Hope you like the pic!! Thanks!!


Pam said...

LOL! Great job Javablu. WOW! How gorgeous. I think we coulda figured out that it was in the absolutely awesomely cool hotel category. Great start to a great marriage no doubt! Thanks for playing along. Every Friday K?