Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pinny Party #4

A few guidelines:  
  • Our link parties are Saturday and Sunday only (it's a weekend thing).
  • Please make sure that there is paper in your project.
  • Please use a direct link to your party entry.
  • Please credit the rePin from PINTEREST and put a photo of it in your post.
  • Whenever possible, visit each other's blogs to comment. 

Congratulations to Michelle who won our 3rd Pinny Party.
This was her copy cat project -
From this:

to this:

Michelle won $5 worth of ipaper!

My repin today comes from Teresa Jenkins
originally from Moey's Heart and Hearth

So come on...
You know you see something on Pinterest and think
"Oh WOW...I could do that...and it would look awesome,
and people would admire me near and far."

That is why I love these Pinny parties.
They humble me,
but hey...I still feel good about myself for trying.
Not like some people who just pin and pin and pin :D
But I digress.

Now for the humble part...
So, since our Pinny Parties require the use of paper,
you are now wondering - where's the beef paper?
Here it is:
The reason why I thought that maybe I could even attempt
this project in the first place is that you TRACE!
Just size up a coloring page, or a digi stamp in this case
and tape it upside down to a piece of glass
(like take a piece of glass out of a picture frame)
then flip it over and tape a piece of wax paper to the other side.
So it goes:
wax paper
(Keep in mind that the final product will be a reverse image)

Make sure you have a yummy cake.
You can cheat if you want to
like some people do and buy your cake from Costco.
Just cover the top with some white icing
and unassuming people will think that you are
Martha Frickin Stewart!

Next on to the drawing part.
Pipe the outline FIRST
and then color over that.

Do not follow my example.
Follow the expert example of the original pin.
See all those wormy lines?
Don't do it.
No, No, NO.
You will get a wormy elf. Ick.
Smooth it out or use a big icing tip.

Put your smooth, pretty icing artwork into the freezer
(check to make sure your glass picture frame will fit before you start)
and you will leave it there - glass and all - for about 15 minutes.

With incredible finesse and skill you will now flip it onto your cake.
It is frozen and hard, so aim well and pray.
Once that puppy has landed,
peel off the wax paper
and stand all amazed.
Kind of.

If it doesn't work,
you can always send it to cake wrecks.

Your turn.
One random winner gets a $5 gift certificate.
For what?



Julie E said...

OOOOoooooo, what a great way to get some decor on top of a cake!!!! I usually free hand it, but this would be soooooo much easier. Not sure I will have time to play, but I am sure am getting lots of ideas :>)

Teresa Jenkins said...

Yay!!! So glad you gave this a shot! I am in a cake decorating class now and saw that and thought it was an awesome way to get a character... sneaky you, I had planned to use digi stamps to try it out too!

Pam said...

I HAD to go before you Teresa, because if I saw yours I wouldn't have had the heart to try. Yours will rock. Signed, your humbleness...

Michelle said...


OK, your cake turned out pretty freakin' amazing! I could see myself -with incredible finesse and skill- flipping my icing right where I didn't want it.