Monday, December 12, 2011

The Kiddos for Christmas.

True creatives can take a line and turn it into something note worthy.
It's a talent.
Amber is kinda known for her "scribble drawings".
Actually if you google "scribble drawings" you'll get a lot of Amber.

Mark that down as another thing we love about stampers and scrappers.
They can take one thing
and turn it in to something else note worthy.
It's a talent.

Take Kaija.
Look how she turned Halloween in to Christmas...

Come back tomorrow and we'll show you
how you can take Summertime
and turn it into Christmas.
It's a talent.


Julia Dunnit said...

It most certainly is a talent. Aren't these cards gorgeous!

Jenn Borjeson said...

Go Kaija! Gorgeous! :)

Dilsaver Designs said...

Super cute, love the pretty colors :)

Esther said...

Very clever and cute too!!!