Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Aloha Friday!

It's Aloha Friday Father's Day, no work 'til Monday... doo doot doo doot doot doot doot dooo doot doot do do.... that is unless you're prepping for a Father's Day fete'. I am prepping for a phone call and a lot of beach time. Usually Amber INK. is all about girls. This weekend we'd like to focus on the men in our lives who matter.

Here's me and my younger siblings with my
dad on a particularly lovely Easter Sunday in the 80s.

Here's my momma and biz-naz partner, Incredimobo (aka Pam) on her daddy's lap chilling with her brother and 'the aunts' in the 1960s. You just know there were jello moulds in that kitchen somewherez.

SO this weekend we look to our Father's or our Father Figures or our kid's Fathers to do Aloha Friday up right.

We got such a kick in pants over all of last week's awesome Aloha Friday dreamz comments. This week we're going to blow up the comments again.
Share each of your picks in the comments section!

#1 - A memory of your dad or your baby's daddy or an uncle or a grandfather, pick your father's day poison.

On the morning of my white-robed high school graduation I unearthed my long lost white high heels from under my bed. To my shock and horror they were worse than grimy. They were scrody. We were living on a prayer at the time - no dollars at all for new shoes, especially when I hadn't taken care of the first. I knew that I was royally screwed. I did what any teenager would do. I had a breakdown. My meltdown encouraged mom to have one pushing me to declare "MY LIFE IS RUINED!!!" I scrubbed them until the dirt on them went muddy while dad chuckled at the 'NOT A LAUGHING MATER!"

"You know..." he interrupted my sobs, "I bet we could paint them." What?! He hooked up his airbrush, my dad does not take painting lightly, and three coats later I had the shiniest most sparkling pair of shoes on stage. I remember everyone saying how awesome my heels were, and knowing I had the best secret ever. Dad saves the day and my graduation, and at eighteen, I still get to feel like my dad is a hero. Well played, father. Well played.

#2 - Something (a noun or verb) that always reminds you of your dad, hubby, uncle etc....

Stacks of napkins. My dad is incapable of letting a paper napkin go to waste. No matter where we are, if there are any stray unused napkins in sight, dad collects them, folds them twice and puts them in his shirt pocket. We tease him and he tells us about the importance of trees. It's a tradition

Side note: At an airport dive bar with my brother earlier this year, I left the table, turned to grab my purse, and caught my kid brother stuffing our table's remaining napkins into the back pocket of his slacks. OH THE GLEE THAT MOMENT BROUGHT ME!

Which slides us the perfect segue to our last Aloha Friday buzz:

#3 - A habit or a trait that you have that is either genetic or learned from your daddy or father figure, or one that you love to see in your kids, because you know it's from your hubby.

Yup. Flat as a pancake.

OK, This got long! Next week short and sweet, promise!

All about your father or father figure or baby daddy:
#1 - A memory
#2 - An object or place or thing that reminds you of them
#3 - Something you learned, inherited or something you see in your kids
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Amberbop said...

#1 - One Summer my mom went to visit my gramma for a few weeks. During that time my dad let us live like castmates on Survivor, and it. was. awesome. We ate hotdogs wrapped in tortillas and stayed up 'til dawn. No one did the dishes and we ate off paper towels. Every child should know such bliss.

#2 - My dad spent a year of my childhood obsessed with this movie.

#3 - We both draw girls! My dad's a full-time fine artist. I was his apprentice growing up - think Mickey Mouse in Fantasia. Artist blood is thicker than paint ;)

Pam said...

Ah Amber...I love these pictures and these memories. Gonna have to talk to dad about that Castaway summer - you guys pulled a scam on me didn't you ;)
I lost my own dad WAY too young (I was only 8) so I had a nice time pulling out memories this morning, which I don't do often enough.
#1 - My dad worked up in Los Angeles (one of those aerospace engineer guys) but didn't want his family up there, so he planted a 10 acre avocado grove in San Diego and commuted on weekends. When he came home on Friday nights he would ALWAYS have a smile on his face and a little brown bag full of penny candy in his outstretched hand for me.
#2 - Weekends were spend pulling weeds and although everyone else hated it, I never did. PLUS he'd pay us .25 a grocery bag full. He was picky - not too much dirt and it had to be full to the point of almost overflow. I still love to weed.
#3 - Organization. Makes me nuts to have things out of place, and it did him too. I know I didn't get that skill from my mom, and I'm thinking it might be skipping a generation ;)

Duchess said...

Happy Father's Day!

#1- My Dad is the king of tanning. He taught us from a very young age how to get the perfect tan!

#2- Much like Amber's Daddy and the napkins, my Dad is the same about toothpicks. Upon leaving a restaurant, he will take two. One to put behind his ear, and the other to stick in his mouth. I have a great photo of my sister and him cleaning out their teeth with a toothpick at a restaurant. Nice.

#3- My Dad and I both sing. Not well. Just A LOT! We drive everyone crazy, because most of the time we don't even realize we are doing it.

Amberbop said...