Friday, June 10, 2011

ALOHA FRIDAY - Dreamz Dreamz Dreamz

Lately there has not been much sleep happening at Amber Ink. Luckily our ThINK tank girls are ON IT and they keep us running on our toes while we trail behind their blazes.

So today, we're thinking a little about sleep and more specifically dreams.

#1 - A dream that you have had while you were sleeping.

Years ago I had a dream that Tobey McGuire and I were soul mates. I don't even really like him as an actor. He doesn't fit the parameters of my typical male fantasy, even though the boy can rock a skinny jean something fierce. Although in the dream we were meant to be. I still feel this uber strong bond with him, after nursing him back to health from an untimely illness during the civil war. What?! (leave anything you want to tell us about your dream in the comments. GOSH I love comments)

#2 - A day dream you have.

The first time the Duchess and Rachel and I went to the Bahamas, We saw this yacht out our window every morning when we woke up. The Duchess rechristened it "Genovia" after Anne Hathaway's Princess Diary kingdom (don't worry, this was before we almost died of Anne Hathaway over exposure). My day dream is to sail to the Bahamas on my yacht. It's a simple dream, really. LOL

#3 - A Dream You Will Make Come True

In the process for looking for a good starting place for bucket list ideas I found this blog post, in which sixth graders get in on the idea. It's sure to offer some fodder for thought.

#1 - A dream you once had while you were asleep
#2 - A day dream
#3 - A dream you will make come true.

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Amberbop said...

I have a reoccurring dream that I've had since I was a little girl. It involves hidden treasure in Egypt, raging infidels, top secret files and video game like intensity. Sometimes months or years will pass between dreams. It always picks up at the same place it left off and continues in linear progression. I sometimes think I might be dreaming about my parallel world girl who has reoccurring dreams about me and my life.

#1 - Amberbop

Duchess said...

So I couldn't decide which dream to post... so I did both!
- I dreamed that Mr. Rochester was the love of my life. He was blind and I was helping him walk around. I had so much love for him and he for me. And in the dream I also knew that his eyesight would improve and we'd live happily ever after.
- I had a different dream that I was babysitting Suri Cruise. But she refused to be called Suri and wanted to be referred to as Stephanie.

Amberbop said...

Duchess, I am coming with on #3. So let it be written. So let it be done.

Also, how nice to have Jane Eyre's Mr. R without any of her angst.

Shannan Teubner said...

My dream...there's not a picture of what took place! I had a dream that I was sunbathing on a hippopotamus. Yeah, I know. Look that one up. lol

I like to pretend that I live in a house that looks like this manor...only inside it's all modern.

When I was a little girl I read the book Misty, about the Chincoteague Wild Ponies. I LOVED that book...and one day I shall see the ponies swim.

Julie E said...

Obviously it has been too long since I played along!!! I forgot the rules and screwed up the caption for #8. Nonetheless, I am here and playing :>)
I never remember dreams from when I sleep, okay, maybe immediately after awakening a couple times a year, but otherwise, none, nada. Why can't I have great dreams involving Toby???? As for #2, my daydream is unlimited crafting money :>) I should also add that would require children who go to bed on time and are not afraid of the shadows (aka monsters)! #3 is relatively simple really, I plan to keep the flowers I planted this year from dying. That too is sometimes easier said than done, especially when you own a Westie aka the Excavator. If anyone needs holes dug in their yard please feel free to contact me.
Have a wonderful weekend ladies!!!

Amberbop said...

Haha! Shannan, I love the hippo dream. It sounds luxurious. LOL!

OOoh and the ponies! What a wonderful way to Bucket List.

Julie, you and mom are fight a similar goal. The Garden vs. The Westie. LOL! I also wish for unlimited crafting money for you. It'll happen, right? xoxo

Karin said...

Deathly afraid of heights, so my #3 us a true bucket list item!

My dream is one from many moons ago. I have what is called fringe celebrity dreams (like your Toby one) and they always contain someone that I barely know or care about. This one had Dan Cortese and Kurt Cobain in it, and they were doing drugs. I spent my dream trying to convince them to stop or they would die. Kurt was gone a couple of months later. Dan as far as I know is still ok. Maybe he listened ;)

Shannan I love your dream home that is Tara on the outside and NY chic on the inside. I will come visit :)

Ok, gotta run! Have a great weekend all!

Amberbop said...

Yay Karin! I got hypnotized to get rid of my fear of heights. Yup.

A particularly frustrating event where an ex-boyfriend wanted me to stand on my bed to hand him a light bulb ended in hysterics and off to the hypnotist I went.

Maybe that could help you with the sky bridge!

I didn't know it was called a fringe celebrity dream, and I love love love yours.

wendyp said...

The dream that I woke up to this morning was that I was going to sleep. I was so confused when I heard my alarm going off because I thought I was actually just getting to bed.

I just to have a recurring dream that I was chewing on glass. It wasn't sharp or anything but just kinda freaky when it crunched in my teeth. Wasn't really sure how to interpret that dream.