Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get it. GOT IT. Good.

I'm always a sucker for an old Danny Kaye movie but for our new torchbearers...they GET IT!

How silly Amber and I were when we thought we invented ipaper - rather Al Gore of us don't you think? 
We didn't know that "digi paper" was out there, (hence the name ipaper @ Amber Ink) and honestly, I think we do it best in that you can print individual pages and not entire packs.  If you want one, you buy one and if you want to coordinate something, you choose that too.  We're all about free agency here.
Personally, I have always been caught up in the idea that even if you're not a scrapper or a stamper (moi) you can print a piece of patterned paper for a flyer, origami, a note to a friend etc, etc. 

That's why I was so tickled when you could hear the excitement in the cyber voices projecting through my laptop yesterday.  

"So, I was digging around the Amber Ink store the other day
and found some beautiful paper.
Not having ever used digi-paper before, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical.
I don't have a color-laser printer at home,
so how good can the paper really look if it's not printed on a top-notch printer? "
Well, let me tell you.
One push of the print button and I was H-O-O-K-E-D. 
"Those cute little flags I made with this flag border digital stamp
First printed out the polka dots and then put the paper
BACK into the printer to print the flags!
And if that doesn't convince you...

We can always defer to Siobhan's top two reasons to use ipaper...

1. You can be a paper hoarder w/o it taking up space on your shelves!
2.You can be a paper hoarder w/o telling your husband!

Get it? 

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