Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Gonna Pass this Torch!

That bitter sweet day has arrived! By now all you lovelies know that at Amber Ink. we pass our torches like they're HOT

Running with that royal purple torch as
passed by queen of color, Jana Weaver

Our girl, Jane stays healthy with some special Ks in her life - Keiji and Ken! She keeps active in her Special K challenge by baking apple pies, cakes, cupcakes, s'mores (ok, check her blog for recipes) and plenty of playtime. Baseball, Bowling, Pool and Golf are the go tos at Jane's party house (her six year old has a swing like Tiger Woods and her eight year old is a Mickey Mantel switch hitter). She's raising some pretty great babes herself!

If you know the way to San Jose, you can find "Calamity" Jane teaching copic classes, catching the latest movie or at her awesome brand NEW job, teaching full-time as a lead teacher at Creative Minds Child Development Center! Our girl's a musti-tasker so maybe you'll find her speed reading in the midst of it all. Better yet, you're sure to find her creating totally amazing projects that you can find right here:
Carrying the flaming blue torch, caught from our adorable Amy Everson!

Meet the fabby, Cathy Weber! This California Country song bird is happy in a calm way. She inspires joyful content. Our Blue Torchbearer is a nurturer. Her days are filled flocking to those who need a little bit of comfort. Cathy lends a wing to lean on in every way she can, spending her days as a teaching assistant for students with learning disabilities and living her dream of being a mother. Feathering her nest at home with her pets, her husband and last at home daughter, Cathy's prepped to officially become an empty nester!

Her outdoor times must bring her a lot of calm, because she beautifully translates that inspiration to her natural nature-full designs. Flock on over to visit her wonderful blog:
Running strong with our Pink Torch held aloft, passed by our simply marvelous Mandi Moore,

Say "Helllllo" to Anne Cullen! This dynamic stamper walks a tightrope between traditional and edgy (our favorite two points on a map)! These days can find Anne somewhere between her garden and her craft room, but at one point she used to run a bar. Our girl's favorite liquid refreshment is a nice cup of tea, but she'll be more than happy to bring you a round on the house at wine o' clock on a Friday. Anne is the queen of trying new things and starting fresh. She's industrious to boot. We're thrilled to have her at such an exciting new-life time of year!

If there's anything we know about this Scotland babe, she sure is kool! Her brilliant blog is sure to astound. Run and see how kool this babe can be at
Carrying that blazing orange flame as caught from our imaginative and wonderful Anita Madden

Are you looking for whimsy? For fun? For feel good positivity? Oh I know who you should go see about that. Meet Michele! This executive assistant is up and running at dawn. She's an absolute ball of energy! Our big fish in a small pond (thank goodness for blogging, or we'd never be able to get to her!) makes home with Hubby, Jim and three little people - Alyssa, Kaitlyn and Jared. Their hunting dogs bring her Kansas town's population to 703. Tee Hee!

Speaking of the little people, at under 5' tall, our Michele comes to us in a pint sized package. ;) She more than makes up for it in presence. Her larger than life fun-fun-fun personality is up for display on her exuberant blog of whimsy and talent. if you blink you'll miss her latest post they change up so fast! You are really going to have to put on your good running shoes to catch this babe now that she's got that white-hot orange torch in her hands!
Carrying our brown torch, as passed by the amazing Tammy Hellstern

Our Katie is what we've decided can only be described as a "firecracker". We can also use words like "scrappy" (this works both ways). The page layouts and ideas this girl uses to document her overly adorable little family are a kick. You're gonna swoon for these toe-heads. Katie keeps them real, so they don't just become Macy's catalogue models to us. Their daily hilarity is such a fun read.

One of our favorite things about Katie is that she answers the "Kahl". Hehe. Seriously though, she does! As a mom to four, count them, Sam - 9, Molly - 8, Grace - 6, Luke - 4, she also runs her own daycare out of her home! She is quick to the chase. She rolls with the punches and she has fun doing it. She does it all with hubby Hubby Kraig, who's been along for the fun for fifteen years now. Cop a squat and get ready for a wild ride at

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Cheryl said...

Congrats ladies! I can't wait to see all your gorgeous creations!

~Cheryl~ - Orange Amber Ink Torchbearer February 2011