Friday, April 29, 2011

Aloha Friday - Royally Yours

The link ruling my weekend.

Let's start at the very beginning....

This Aloha Friday we celebrate the way London celebrates. Genius move, by the way, Royals. Give everyone a holiday and make it a big to do partay. Make it a happy thing. This way we don't have dissension in the ranks from the women weeping into their 4am coffee. What? Awkward. OK. ANYWAY - It's a weekend of wedding and we're rocking it right.

Back to the beginning -- the ring,
where all this starts for everyone not just Princesses. Here are some royal facts.

  • Royal Ring Fact - Kate's ring used to be Diana's ring: so romantic, slightly heavy handed *heh heh*, kind of creepy.
  • Royal Ring Fact - It is a huge friggin' (technical term) sapphire surrounded by diamonds.
  • Royal Ring Fact - This rock is currently worth about 127,000 quid - a little more than $265,000

  • Fact - Princess Graces' was better.

#1 - If money were no object what ring would you bling?

  • Royal Headpiece Fact: "You can't show up as an American to an English wedding without a hat. It is de rigueur." -- Ellen Christine, royal hat maker (Ladies, you've been warned)
  • Royal Headpiece Fact: Kate Middleton can wear absolutely anything atop her head and totally pull it off (even a nest of feathers)
#2 - What would you wear atop your head?
You can either pick something you'd wear to Kate and Wills' wedding
or the veil/tiara/hat you'd walk down the aisle with!
  • Royal Cake Fact: Kate has chosen a floral fruitcake while William has requested a family favorite made with cookies.
  • Royal Cake Fact: People are only going to eat Kate's cake to be polite.
  • Royal Cake Fact: Jordan's Queen Rania and King Abdullah's enormous multi-tiered, rectangular-shaped cake – decorated with crowns and lace embellishments – was sliced down to size with a sword

#3 - On the day you're a princess bride what's your dream wedding cake?

Link us with a picture and leave the flavors in the comments!
#1 - If money were no object what ring would you bling?
#2 - What would you wear atop your head?
#3 - On the day you're a princess bride what's your dream wedding cake?


New to Aloha Friday? We've made a video to help you play along!

Get your URL ready and paste it into the URL line.
Click on the 'click here to enter' part of the linky.
Your caption is the number you are answering and your name



Amberbop said...

OOh! Good job on the bling so far ladies!

Karin said...

Chocolate cake with raspberry filling for me :) Cheers everyone!

Amberbop said...

Ooh Love the cake! The topper too!

Duchess and I will never be able to share the task of doing dishes together, we'd get our rings confused.

Rachel Campbell said...

Did you create the how-to video for me?

Rachel Campbell said...

p.s. I would have exactly the cake we had in Calgary (sorry NY peeps) - lemon with lemon curd filling and buttercream frosting. I still day-dream about it...sigh...and the cake lady retired :*( SOB

Duchess said...

I knew the cushion cut diamond was yours! But I couldn't resist. It was so shiny.

I love this challenge. I love weddings. I REALLY love royal weddings.

Shannan Teubner said...

I want Duchess's ring!!

Hmmmm...a cake flavor...I think I'll go with red velvet with cream cheese buttercream icing. Egg-free of course. :)

Jane said...

I love the idea of the infinity ring and I love the simplicity of the floating diamond. There's one with just the one diamond and a solid band. I thought about the cake. It doesn't have to be a cake! How about cupcakes? Strawberry Champagne, Raspberry & Cream, Key Lime Macadamia Nut, Pancakes & Bacon. Uh huh... that's seriously a flavor listed as a choice! Take a look!! Just go to the linked site for the cupcakes and scroll down for the flavors. What would you choose?