Monday, April 4, 2011

Time for a Bunny Hop!!!

Today we 'hop' back in time while we fluff our tails in anticipation
of a special springy step towards SPRING!

Our uber fab Jen Lee made this sweety using her divine brilliance, our Love Bunny Flowered Image and our Karrot Kaleidoscope iPaper! We <3 iPaper usin', we heart Jen and we heart this card! She tells you all about how to do it at My Scrappy Chic!

Once upon a time our very sunny Tanny P. made this adorable bunny kiss kiss card! Read all about it at all that rubbish!

Celebrate the brilliance of Carole Burrage's bunny hug card over and over again. I know I do!

Doesn't this lovey dovey bunny hugging couple make you want to climb into the arms of someone special? I adore this Cheryl Gorka original!

It's an undisputed fact that when you look at our Love Bunny Store inventory Bunny Hug and Bunny Kiss Kiss get the most play, by FAR, but this little guy, the first I ever sketched and the boy who inspired the entire line, is by far my fave!

He's getting his day in the sun over at Amy Sheffer's blog of brilliance, Pickled Paper Designs!

One of my favorite things about this line is that you can buy them for Easter, yes, and that seems natural - but they're so much more. They're love bunnies and love is an all year long kinda thing, no?

Jenn Diercks totally gets this. Check out this love bunny baby cakes babe. You can see how far these bunnies can go (they're practically Energizer) over at her blog, I Got Stamps

One more before I run out the door to job-job:
Loooook at thiiiiiiiiiis!!!

Patricia Hays never fails to melt my heart and rock my socks. Who are you missing? Maybe they need a little reminder from our Contemplative Love Bunny You have to read all about this baby at Thinking of Inking. This bunnies' story will warm your heart.


We're taking Google by storm. Thank you for all your undying and loveable support. It makes me fluff my tail with confidence in our mission and adoration for our fans. Check back tomorrow for more love bunnies.... I'm not going to tell you what that means ;) It's EXCITING!


TannyP said...

HAHAHAHA! I just was snooping around and had a chuckle at this one. My mom has her Bunny Love card sitting out on her counter...from Valentines!

Amberbop said...