Monday, April 25, 2011

And They're Off!

It's their first lap around the track and they're already gone in a cloud of smoke and flame! Check out what our newest torchbearers are up to! We love these love bunnies.

Our JANE knows, they don't have to be just Easter.
I love that she took these little arguing bunnies and made them make-up!

CATHY has made us this adorable little reminder that we're not alone!

ANNE is going bold this first lap out of the gate!!! She's up to the task of nudie cutie!

Can you even handle the cutesyness of MICHELE's little love bugs?
I for one cannot.

In the meantime, KATIE's gone rogue! Look at the dimension on this spin pin flower! It's enchantement'e <-- a word that had to be invented to mark this shockingly great bit of craftiness.

I'm already in love with our new girls. Swing by their internet craft rooms and you will be too!


Pam said...

All unique, but the common denominator is HAPPY! Great job all.

Karin said...

Fantabulous...If it's not a word, it should be. Well done ladies!

Sue from Oregon said...

Such darling creations!!!