Monday, August 15, 2011

Warm thoughts and Champagne...

The weekend is over,
but was there ever any harm done
over a Monday Brunch and a mimosa?
(Don't answer that!)

Tiny bubbles.
Make us happy.

Here are a few of our favorite projects
using some of our favorite fizzy ipaper:

And oh my lucky stars...

One of our all time favorites - A container full
of lucky stars for a friend in need.

Emily says this:

" I hadn't thought about these since high school when a fine arts friend of mine  used to fill glass jars and give them to all her friends. They were made with every colour of origami paper you could imagine and they were so beautiful! I can't believe I never made them 'til now using this fabulous tutorial. Making these stars is seriously addictive and therapeutic!"

May your week ahead
be filled with
Warm thoughts,
 tiny bubbles,
lucky stars!
Amber Ink Products used in this post:


Dilsaver Designs said...

What great cards and wonderful stars, I may have to try those :)

The Paper Princess said...

Such wondrous designs!