Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SPEAK EASY Day #2 and...

...is an olive a fruit or a vegetable?

(Sweet Adrian tucked this into her hubby's lunchbox this morning...Ka-UTE!)

Okay, so back to the olive question. 
Grows on a tree.
Has a seed.
Doesn't taste too fruity to me tho.
Of course neither does a tomato.
has gone fruity this week
and since we've been sponsoring
thought it might give us an excuse
to be a little fruity too.
(like we really need an excuse for that)

Here are some of our Amber Ink
favority fruits.

(Is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?
This post is not as easy as it looks ;)

(how cute would it be to put a "what's in my lunchbox" card in with your baby's lunch!)

(genius ribbon gifting - even the fruit matches the colors!)

(whoops!  Okay I think I got this one...
Veggie right?)

(and sometimes it just doesn't matter)

In the words of Jim Davis:

"If you are what you eat,
then you better skip the
fruit and nuts."

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The Mama Monkey said...

The 11 year old says "I am going to have to say a vegetable. I have never seen a seed in one."

His mother shakes her head...muttering things to herself like 'yes, he would think that as the kid only eats eggos, hot dogs and pb&js'.

After explaining that we buy them in a can that way, he exclaims "FRUIT"! Thanks for the summer lesson, Amber Ink! School is out for the day! :)

But I think this question should be paired with 'what came first...the chicken or the egg? :)

Dilsaver Designs said...

Very good question, I would guess fruit because of the seed, but not sure. Wonderful DT work, love the hostess off the page :)

Lisa said...

It's a fruit! (I had to Google LOL) Not only is there some serious inspiration here, Amber Ink is ALSO a learning experience :) I love the DT's cards & projects - They are fantastic! I *love* the little cherry pie, it's absolutely adorable!! :)

Lindsey said...

Wow, what an excess of amazing projects on this post! Love that some are old and some are new. Here's a remnant of my botany degree... fruit = fruiting body of plant. So yeah, it has seeds/pit, it's a fruit. Of course, if I'm in the kitchen, not thinking botany (and really, I RARELY think botany) that all goes out the window. :D

Frank-LEE Speaking... said...

Soooo De-lish! Smooches... Felicia

Frank-LEE Speaking... said...

I say vegetable. Don't like too many vegetables, but I love lots of fruits...lol

Jennifer Scull said...

love all of the gorgeous projects!

Mimi said...

Fruit or veg never looked this good!
This is a treasure trove of craft ideas, I'm hooked.
Thanks for your comment on my pink garden furniture, Pam.