Tuesday, May 31, 2011

101 reasons why you should use ipaper

Okay, that would make a very good post.  I'll think about it.   Renee got me to thinking about that, since she seems like a recent convert, and an enthusiastic one at that.  Here are her top three reasons today...

1.  Ease of printing
2.  Convenience
3.  One piece of cardstock to print a different ipaper on either side

With Renee's busy schedule she just would not have time to go to the store but she needed to make something FAST!  The bosses @ AmberInk are a demanding lot - wouldn't want to miss a deadline or we'll call out the Baker's Twine brigade!  So what does our brilliant Renee do?
Bang...purchase, print and...voilà.  CAS at your fingertips...

Which reminds me of Siobhan's reasons for loving our ipaper...
4.  You can be a paper hoarder w/o it taking up space on your shelves!
5.  You can be a paper hoarder w/o telling your husband!

Hey ladies…your husband called - 
 he said you can buy all the ipaper you want. 

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