Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let them eat CAKE!

Strawberry birthday Cake that is! 
And of course Paula Deen  CATHY didn't do enough
by just whipping up a delicious birthday cake,
she also created a treasured box with recipes
for oldest son Matt.

Isn't that just the best gift EVER from a mom?

We couldn't be more honored that she did a little AmberInking in the process!


This has motivated me to use up that leftover angel food cake
and strawberries from Mother's Day.
Let me eat CAKE!

English Trifle it is!
And if you don't eat sweets, sorry, we can't help you.


Karin said...

How over the top cute is this?! Awesome iPaper box!

Amberbop said...

Woah Woah Woah ! Oh man I want CAKE! Way to cater to the masses ;)