Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dreams of WOYWW

Today I am a bit of the
reluctant apprentice.
I was promised workdesk photos - I really was.
Things got too busy no doubt.
I've decided to take the deja vu approach.
This was Amber's workdesk at SURTEX
in a previous life.

(the blur is intentional, to make it more dreamlike ;)

This year's booth was much better.
There were fabric banners and bigger books...

(or so I've been told)
There were appointments and meetings.
There will be contracts written and cheques signed
in reality or in dreams.
And either way,
 there is in the shadows
a mother who is so very proud.
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Elaine Harding said...

What's in the blurry photo looks nice though :) TFS #4

Doone said...

My poor boy is taking exams to day - and I left him with the words - I'm already so proud of you, nothing you do has ever disappointed me,

he grinned and said - so who cares if I fail??

I said no - one important,

both booths look like spreads that Anyone would be Proud of...


Spyder said...

Blurry but interesting.... have a great woyww

Linda Elbourne said...

Dream-like indeed ... Have a good day!

Julia Dunnit said...

OMIGOSH how exciting, Amber SOOO represents herself well, and I'm really excited to hear about the results of the work the booth the meetings...lordy, I'm proud of her and I'm just an internet must be bustin' your breeches!!

Joanne said...

Don't wake me, I'm in a dream!!
Hugs Joanne xx

Sunshine Girl said...

fab picture - very arty! thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl No. 40

Jumbleberries said...

Love the dreamy picture. Thanks for sharing x.

Terry and Shirley SU said...

Very creative post. I enjoyed it!

Terry #129

Kezzy said...

Gorgeous dreamy pick and love the post. Kezzy x