Friday, September 9, 2011

Want the latest most awesome blogging tool and want it for FREE?

Just think Pinterest for bloggers.
One of the reasons we love Pinterest
is because a picture is worth like a kazillion words right?

It's just easier to relate to a picture of something.
Especially when you are in a hurry and just want the link already!

 Stampers are the top dogs of enabling and sharing information.
Up until now, that could take extra energy
- time that should be put into making stuff.

At Amber Ink we'd been looking for a picture linker for awhile.

Amber was talking about making something herself.

And then we saw it!

We saw it on 
At the bottom of each blogpost she had little boxes
that linked to her sources for supplies.

How'd she do that?
The dots were finally connected when we found out that Aris Korbetis, 
was her Kermit the Frog.

And since we already knew that Aris was the nicest guy on the planet
we jumped at becoming beta testers for his new link manager.

We love, love, love the idea of having little thumbs
at the bottom of our posts that link directly to Amber Ink product in the store.

That's how we use it, but there are so many ways.
We've linked up a few to give you some ideas.
Let your brilliance be your guide.

Free lunch will be served at Inlinkz until December.
And you can get pretty phat by then ;)
Just in time for some New Year's resolutions.

Use Chrome or Firefox to sign in to
And register using this code
We'll keep it on our sidebar
Until it's time to start that New Year's diet.

A few samples of how to use the new Inlinkz link manager:

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Dilsaver Designs said...

I already have it or else I would have went under your code :( Upside, all your images I used are up for the clicking :)