Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Projects - Part Deux

Today we share Lucianna's first project.
Lucianna has an eye for composition.

Let's play a little game.
Say for example you could only use 5 of these images:
What would they be?
How would you put them together?
Oh...and it has to be a birthday card.

Did you get the picture in your mind?

Lucianna chose the two little fish with birthday hats.
She also chose the fishing pole and switched out the mistletoe for the "birthday fishes" sentiment.
And don't forget the bubbles.
She also used a couple of pieces of ipaper.
Another cool thing about ipaper?
She wanted a more orangy color to match
her color scheme.  Simple.  Just print on orange.

Sea what we mean?

P.S.  Happy Birthday Fishes go out to Lucianna's oldest daughter.  Hope it was a happy one!
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summer said...

Dear Torchbearers,

Stop making such amazing things using AmberInk materials! You're going to make me break my bank!

Summer aka An Artist Who is Poorer than VanGogh

PS: Can't wait to get paid again...

Esther said...

Super cute!!!!!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

WOW! That Lucianna is a hybrid genius! Me thinks I need to take more time to imagine the possibilities of composition & sentiments, now.