Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sometimes Less is More

Hard to believe that the Less is More Challenge has only been around for a month now.  It strikes a chord with stampers and it shows!  Mandi and Chrissie run a tight ship, so don't try to squeeze in an extra color or embellishment - they want lots of clean white space, and if you don't, like our Scoopy Sue say's..."you may get your legs slapped!".  We are delighted to be the first sponsor for the entire month of March, which will cover weekly challenges starting on Saturdays. The run on a rotation basis from colour, to one layer, to a theme, to a sketch or recipe.  Week one was color, so they chose Pink, black and white.

This was JOEY's entry
Since it has been a full month of the cycle
 we're back to color again and the challenge is PASTELS

And this is SUE's entry

We're so chuffed that Joey and Sue used images
from one of our favorite "less is more" mid century modern sets
(from our inspired art director Karin)


So remember...Less is More
Unless you're Charlie Sheen
and then...More is More.
Amber might have something to say about that later.


Karin said...

I love the pink appliances :)

Allison said...

If nothing else, I have to say this post is "bi-winning"! Ha!