Thursday, February 17, 2011

So close they can taste it...

The current torchbearers have the pass off line in sight. 
The new torchbearers are waiting on their marks. 
They are drinking their Orange Juice and stretching their muscles
 and getting ready for those crazy hot
 pink, brown, blue, purple, and orange flaming torches,
even as we speak. 

Haven't Joey, Brenda, Laurie, Sue and Meg
 done an absolutely amazing job? 

They didn't slow down...not once. 

See for yourselves, jog your own memories and give a really big cheer for a job well done!


Gosh, we hope there is an encore performance at some point!
Great job ladies!

Please come back on Monday to watch the excitement!
Aloha Friday tomorrow.
Come PLAY!


Karin said...

Thanks for the amazing projects all month long Ladies...

Emily Leiphart said...

Well done, ladies! I enjoyed all of your work this month and I can't wait for the reveal on next month's Torchbearers!

Lindsey said...

Another rockin' set of torchbearers! Great projects, everyone.

Laurie said...

This been a fun month for sure! Thanks for all the amazing images to play with! I learned a little bit about the world of digi! I think I may be hooked! :)