Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

We've got a brand new Amber Ink. Amber Girls Release!
Grow Green' is a 17 stamp set. It's uber fun and chic.
I think it's perfect for your favorite gardner.
I'd squeal to see it as packaging for those special treats from your own garden!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Plot Thickens...

Hi everyone, it may seem quiet around these here parts, but we're still a busy hive of activity.

For starters, we're finishing up designs on our new clear stamps packaging. Amber Ink. will be selling our stamp sets as physical clear stamps too. I know some of you prefer to do it old school. Plus, there is something so fun about sticking up those clear blocks!

We're working on getting you more iPaper to match our digiStamps and keep you in crafting goodies. This week we added some fun 'more masculine' iPaper to go with our "We Are Punny" line.

I'm finishing preliminary sketches for our next 'Amber Stamps' release!

We're catching up on the paper train. You rampant fans keep Amber Ink. in the email ;) As always, we love love LOVE hearing from you.

We're programming our very own Amber Ink. gallery so you can show off your brilliance.

So that's what's going on here.

What's new with you?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moms Are Cool

As my own mother was eager to remind me this Sunday, on Easter... "Mother's day is soon."
No. No. Let's not get distracted by other Sunday holidays. . . keep your eye on the prize.

So you don't all get up in a panic and run off to Google "Mother's Day 2010" - I will help you out. It's coming on May 9th. Mark your calendars or take your fate in your own hands.

Amber Ink. is a mother/daughter company. From time to time you're sure to get a response from my mommy, Pam - Aka. Incredimombo. My mom's encouragement, intelligence and talent in trend and business are vital to running Amber Ink. smoothly and without wrinkles.

I keep a book on my bookshelf where I write down funny quotes my mom accidentally doles out. I tease her that I plan to read them at her funeral.

Last year, while I was going through a particularly hard time, my mom was pushing our "important to me" conversation off course. Every time I'd start to let her in on the difficult details of my situation, she'd go off on another fluffy tangent. "Guess what is happening on the Korean Soap Opera I am watching right now?," seems to be the only one that sticks out in my mind, but oh, there were others.... Determined to not be one-upped, in frustration, I announced:


She shot back without thinking "Sorry, I can't be a good mother. I had you too young."

We both collapsed with giggles. I grabbed the quote book while she begged me not to. Yay for tradition.

My mom is the ultimate young mother. As I find myself tip-toeing into my late twenties (there, I said it) sans babies, I am thankful I've had such a liberating career and active social life. I wouldn't change the way I've spent my youth but I can't help but sigh over the fact that skirting the 'babies raising babies' issue will mean that my kids will probably never think that I am nearly as cool as I think my mom is.

We are so excited to have a project as big as Amber Ink. to give us an excuse to spend hours and hours on the phone. We have always made a pretty perfect pair.

Our coming soon "Amber Stamps" will highlight the fabulousness of mothers. Any ideas?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coming Soon to an iPaper site near you...

I'm mega-super-duper-total excited to tell you about something that'll be showing up at Amber Ink. early next week.

We will be stepping up our ipaper lines so that you have more fantastic paper to print from your very own printers.

Just think, soon you can have fun and flirty designer paper without the hassle of getting your keys and kids and gumption together, heading out the door, down the walk, into the car, down your street, into traffic, stopping at the gas station, breaking up a fight in the back seat, going to a craft store to buy what you need, getting back in the car and driving all the way home just to find that your paper has gotten dog-eared somewhere along the way.

- Woah. Just typing that made me tired.

Here at Amber Ink. you'll be able to just pay and print our ever widening variety of ipaper on whatever stock, weight or type of paper your little heart desires.

Here at Amber Ink. we live in the moment.
(Ok that's a total lie. Our products live in the moment. I am trying to get better at it and find our products inspiring ;)

Our NoKa Oi - Orange Floral is great for your paper piecing needs. She'll be a perfect match with aspects of our Amber Girls: Rainy Day iPaper. Trust this to be a fantastic "Goes with Anything".

Our bevvy of Rocks, Paper, Scissors papers will come in a wide arrange of colors and be just the thing to accompany your matching 'We are Punny' digiStamp.

Our Spin Pin Deconstruct, is a little edgy, a little wild, and a magically lovely combo with just about any of our Amber Ink. lines.

This is just a tating menu. There will be iPaper surprises for all (probably even for me).

In the meantime, we've been scurrying around the clock and changing up some of our navigation on the Amber Ink. website, all the better to help you surf with an easy tropical breeze at your back.

I know it's not quite fair to tell you about it now and make you wait for it. You know we hate patience. I just was too excited to not let you in on the plan.

As always, we live for your comments (kind of sweet, kind of pathetic).

x to the o - Amber