Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moms Are Cool

As my own mother was eager to remind me this Sunday, on Easter... "Mother's day is soon."
No. No. Let's not get distracted by other Sunday holidays. . . keep your eye on the prize.

So you don't all get up in a panic and run off to Google "Mother's Day 2010" - I will help you out. It's coming on May 9th. Mark your calendars or take your fate in your own hands.

Amber Ink. is a mother/daughter company. From time to time you're sure to get a response from my mommy, Pam - Aka. Incredimombo. My mom's encouragement, intelligence and talent in trend and business are vital to running Amber Ink. smoothly and without wrinkles.

I keep a book on my bookshelf where I write down funny quotes my mom accidentally doles out. I tease her that I plan to read them at her funeral.

Last year, while I was going through a particularly hard time, my mom was pushing our "important to me" conversation off course. Every time I'd start to let her in on the difficult details of my situation, she'd go off on another fluffy tangent. "Guess what is happening on the Korean Soap Opera I am watching right now?," seems to be the only one that sticks out in my mind, but oh, there were others.... Determined to not be one-upped, in frustration, I announced:


She shot back without thinking "Sorry, I can't be a good mother. I had you too young."

We both collapsed with giggles. I grabbed the quote book while she begged me not to. Yay for tradition.

My mom is the ultimate young mother. As I find myself tip-toeing into my late twenties (there, I said it) sans babies, I am thankful I've had such a liberating career and active social life. I wouldn't change the way I've spent my youth but I can't help but sigh over the fact that skirting the 'babies raising babies' issue will mean that my kids will probably never think that I am nearly as cool as I think my mom is.

We are so excited to have a project as big as Amber Ink. to give us an excuse to spend hours and hours on the phone. We have always made a pretty perfect pair.

Our coming soon "Amber Stamps" will highlight the fabulousness of mothers. Any ideas?


Lori said...

Great story Amber sounds like you and your mom have a fun relationship! Your mom's comment is TOO funny and I love the idea of the quote book!

Shannan Teubner said...

Love the quote book, and that sketch is fab! Ideas...hmmm...I'd love something showing that I've turned into my mother...like looking in the mirror and seeing my mom looking back at me...or little images for a mom coupon book or memory book, just a few ideas!

Amberbop said...

Hi Lori,the book started as a joke. Now it diffuses just about any argument. It's amazing how "I'm getting the quote book" can curb any disagreement!

Ooh Shannan, I love the idea of coupon images! I find myself turning into my dad, not visually thank goodness, but in just about every other way. I understand I'm a rarity ;)

Mrs Weyremaster said...

Love the sketch, and the 'quote book' is hilarious.

I'm definately turning into my mother, I've a mirror in the hall way and everytime i pass it I get a glance of my mum, it's quite scary...think i'm getting old, lol!!

Can't wait to see what supermom images you come up with.:)

Pam said...

AMBERRRRRRR!!!! You know I am supposed to stay invisible, but now you are making me remove my cloaking device. This reminds me of what your 87 year old gramma told me yesterday when I shuffled her neatly arranged M&M's just for the fun of it..."you've always been a brat, but I love you so much".
Thanks for choosing the most gentle quote from your blackmail infested quote book ;0.
I wonder if tissue paper can go through a printer with your digi designs? I need to print out a whole box worth to wipe the tears away right now. And just so anyone reading this may wonder...This is one special girl, I've known it from minute one, and I've been blessed to be in her midst (most of the time) for the past 28 years.

Pinky said...

Awwww - I just love the Mother/Daughter bond that you share. I am also very fortunate to share the same with my "Mooty" (what I call my Mom)

One of my favorite quotes is "Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my Mother after all". I find that I am saying this frequently as I continue to do/say things that remind me of my Mooty.

paulatracy said...

ok talented duo! I gotta tell you I friend anyone on FB, don't get on there too much anymore and I had someone send me your link to become a fan...I did. Then, as luck would have it, I went to the FB thingy and realized that you were the original Hanna drawer...I loved that Hanna! Here I sit, crampy and all....you two are so entertaining me while I forget about the pain and let the advil do its job. I love digi stuff and these sketches are so outta this world COOL! Now, on top of what I never have time to look at on my computer...I gotta come back here and see your stuff, your ideas... Did I tell you I love digi...oh man...those bunnies are gotta haves. Also, I gotta have more time in my day and less hours spent at a "day job". You girls ROCK!!!! signed, a fan!

Linda said...

Hi Amber
What a special bond you and your mother have. I enjoyed reading your story. You will treasure all those quotes from mom for many years to come....keep writing them all down.
I stopped by to give you a link to a card I made using some of your very cute digi's. Thank you!!
Here’s my card.

Kristen said...

You two! I knew you when this little pic was taken. You are still tied in wonderful ways and I wish you the very best in this new endeavor. I'm thinking I could give you some choice morsels for your quote book...but I want to keep your mother's precious friendship!

Dawn said...

HAHAHHA! I love your relationship!! Just when I thought your post couldn't get any better, I read your Mom's comment! Awesomeness. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Amberbop said...

Awww, thanks everyone!

Linda, I tweeted your card at our @amberink twitter account. It is so fun!

Pinky, I love the Mirror Mirror quote!

You are all so fantastic.

Oh and 'Hi' mom.

P.S. We are building these sets with your ideas. Run over to our Facebook Fan page to get in on the action!

tmcc4 said...

Just ran into the whole Hanna Stamps drama and I'm sorry for the crappy end of the deal you got...I love the images you created and wanted to know if you are going to do a shout out for a design team because I sure as heck don't want to miss it if you do :0...here's my blog addy
http://tmcc4.blogspot.com just in case your bored and want to check out my work LOL!....I am also a young mom 35 and a almost 18 year old and we have a blast together..her birthday wish this year is that we get matching tattoos I can't wait :)
Thank you so much...

Kendra said...

Absolutely love that sketch of the mother and baby! Can't wait to see it out!

Lynne Phelps said...

I too can't wait to see that awesome sketch of mother and babies turn into a stamp of some kind! It is AWESOME, especially that they are all wearing SHADES!

I'll ditto a previous comment - if you ever want to start a design team, I'd love to be on it! Here's my blog - Savvy Sisters Studio.