Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coming Soon to an iPaper site near you...

I'm mega-super-duper-total excited to tell you about something that'll be showing up at Amber Ink. early next week.

We will be stepping up our ipaper lines so that you have more fantastic paper to print from your very own printers.

Just think, soon you can have fun and flirty designer paper without the hassle of getting your keys and kids and gumption together, heading out the door, down the walk, into the car, down your street, into traffic, stopping at the gas station, breaking up a fight in the back seat, going to a craft store to buy what you need, getting back in the car and driving all the way home just to find that your paper has gotten dog-eared somewhere along the way.

- Woah. Just typing that made me tired.

Here at Amber Ink. you'll be able to just pay and print our ever widening variety of ipaper on whatever stock, weight or type of paper your little heart desires.

Here at Amber Ink. we live in the moment.
(Ok that's a total lie. Our products live in the moment. I am trying to get better at it and find our products inspiring ;)

Our NoKa Oi - Orange Floral is great for your paper piecing needs. She'll be a perfect match with aspects of our Amber Girls: Rainy Day iPaper. Trust this to be a fantastic "Goes with Anything".

Our bevvy of Rocks, Paper, Scissors papers will come in a wide arrange of colors and be just the thing to accompany your matching 'We are Punny' digiStamp.

Our Spin Pin Deconstruct, is a little edgy, a little wild, and a magically lovely combo with just about any of our Amber Ink. lines.

This is just a tating menu. There will be iPaper surprises for all (probably even for me).

In the meantime, we've been scurrying around the clock and changing up some of our navigation on the Amber Ink. website, all the better to help you surf with an easy tropical breeze at your back.

I know it's not quite fair to tell you about it now and make you wait for it. You know we hate patience. I just was too excited to not let you in on the plan.

As always, we live for your comments (kind of sweet, kind of pathetic).

x to the o - Amber


YouInkIt said...

I'm loving everything! I have a feeling my wallet won't be able to stay closed while I have your website open! ;)

Congrats on the new company, I'm looking forward to all that you have in store for us. Especially more Amber Girls - I can't get enough of them!

Shannan Teubner said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them! The first one is my fave...need that pattern in every color! :)

Anonymous said...

This paper is FANTASTIC!!!!!!