Monday, November 22, 2010

Please RELEASE me!

Today is the day!

At Amber Ink we like things pretty and we have a couple of pretty girls that will just NOT stay in a back room somewhere (you know how those pretty girls are) !

'Tis the Season and Perfect Package wanted to come out and play again for the

Amber has created some ipaper to dress them up even more!

We'll call these midnight blues for now, since the uploading part is making us blue and they should be up before midnight!

The patterns and rich colors are stunning.

Try printing them off on some top notch paper (or as one of our torchbearers would do, send them over to a print shop and have them print them off on top notch paper.)

Here's our new line of Holiday Cheer!
(oh, and see the size of this know ipaper comes in 12 x 12 too!)

Add your touch of glitter and bling and WOWZA!

Instant paper to match your Amber Ink images!

The talk of the town is the set designed with Wendy from Challenge #2. We hope you've been following along with the process. At Amber Ink we love pretty, but we love love pretty cute. We were always a sucker for the class clown. Can you maybe spot a few stage stealers here?
We added a new line to the shopping cart in the store to make it Simple-Simon for you to spot everything from the new release. You can spot it here, right underneath "shop by type".

Now...It's a debut for our new babes! Check out the creative flow-jomojo in these new projects.

Did we buy the latest jump lower run slower shoes or something? It's hard to keep up with these torchbearer's. Lots more ahead - here's to hoping we can keep up ;-)


Hestia's Helper said...

I know!! I know!! I was late!! I missed the debut!! :-(
Having printer problems and all my prints have white lines thru them!! New ink, too! Can't figure it out! Hope to have my project posted some time today!!!

Rhonda Miller said...

These papers are so great, I just love the new release. Great job by the torch bearers.

Hestia's Helper said...

Hey! "Team Purple" here! (-:
I got my post done and my project is posted on my blog HERE ... please pop on over to take a look! (-: