Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Of Hobbits, cupcakes and rings

Sometimes I wish I had been born a hobbit.  Don't get me wrong, I love adventuring, but I also love staying in my hobbit-hole sometimes, and you know a hobbit-hole means comfort. 
Sometimes, when I start adventuring out in this stamping world, I get a little scared (even with a ring that makes me invisible)!

You know AmberInk is pretty new to this stamping world and a few months ago our girl  PINKY suggested we start a challenge, so without much thought (hobbit's don't like to think too awfully much) we did.

Then our girl SHANNAN suggested we sponsor someone else's challenge, so without much thought we did.

Then our girl RACHEL suggested we sponsor her challenge, so we did.  But this time we thought and we researched.  Hobbits tend to get themselves into trouble when they think too much.  I looked at challenge after challenge after challenge.  It took me most of an entire day!  There are like a KAZILLION MILLION challenges out there!  It scared me.

I think I'll stay in my hobbit-hole for awhile and sip my Ent-draught, and look at all the pretty things that Amber makes, and the torchbearers make, and the challenge players make and the wonderful people who use AmberInk products make.

Thanks for keeping me safe...and comfortable.

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