Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay...Here are a couple of firsts for me.
My mom got a hankerin' for mincemeat pie.
I figure since she is 89 and still a joy
I will cave.
Yep - using her recipe (mincemeat, lemon jello and cream cheese...say what?)
I think it will be right up there with liver and onions,
but  according to Dhubs, put enough whip cream on anything
and it will taste alright.

Another first...
Decided to do a trial run on our Pinny Party.
Since I am finally a participant I thought I'd make a go of it.
It is Thanksgiving.  No one should complain.
We should be giving thanks people!

So, I pinned these...

Then I picked some funky pink and purple ipaper

Then I cheated a little (sorry) since I don't have the proper tools -
but you should use the proper tools
You can SO tell the difference
in that mine are wobbly and not worthy. 
But it is my first and it is Thanksgiving.
So here are my fat little birds sitting on the window ledge.

And here is a fat little bird on the table.
I paired this puppy turkey with  Haviland and gold cutlery.
Next I sat a pink plastic plate ala turkey on top of pink Fostoria Versaille dessert glasses
(thank you grandmother) with hand inscribed ipaper name tags. 
Throw in a little dollar store gift shred
and man o man...looks like a million bucks!

Happy Thanksgiving.
Hope to see you at our pinny party on Saturday.
In the meantime...that mincemeat pie is calling me...


pinky said...

Wow they look stunning, what a gorgeous idea Pam. I hope the mincemeat pie is just delicious lol. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family. Hugs

Mimi said...

Happy Thanksgiving Pam!
I love mincemeat pie, but with jello?? noooooooooooo!

Lindsey said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Pam and Amber! Pam, you did an awesome job with your paper turkeys! And your mincemeat creation sounds... chunky? :D

Tracey Potter said...


Jenn Borjeson said...

I think you did a FABULOUS job! :)

Esther said...

Your turkeys are darling!!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Pam!!!!!