Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Aloha Friday...

No work till Monday ...doo dee doo doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo.

Christmas has to be down by Epiphany (Jan.6) in my house.  Don't know why, just that ole' tradition stuff kicking in again.  Now that everything is cleared out it sure looks nekid around here!  Got me thinking about the simple things and lately when my mind wanders on Thursday, that is the direction I head off to on Aloha Friday!


(pick one of the free images from some talented designers in the #3 link above
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These were created as iphone wallpaper,
 to serve as a daily reminder of your new big ideas!
Check it out...they are awesome!)
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otherwise just chalk it up to a fun start to your weekend.

See you on Monday!


Karin said...

Hola Chicas :) Fun one today! Hubby got us a 2000 piece Van Gogh Starry Night puzzle, so I had to make that my #2 pick...Pretty sure we will not look like the couple in the photo! Anything to distract me from my favorite guilty pleasure of watching Celebrity Rehab....Have a great weekend :)

*CAFE said...

Happy Friday!
I am struggling between my "need" for coffee and relaxing, and my "need" for exercise! Throw in a LOT of "need" to simplify this house, and BAM! WOO!.......I need a nap! hahaha!

TannyP said...

Great picks, ladies! I was too lazy to find a better pic for my run, but you get the idea =) LOL

Amberbop said...

Awww Karin, I love me some good puzzling. My BFF Jen calls her alterego "Mean Puzzler Jen" and I think with her it is not so relaxing :) I hope Starry Starry Night is just what the doctor ordered!

Cheryl, Always always go for need for a nap! xo

Ooh Tanny, I'm right there with you on the glee pick, the 1/2 marathon not so much. Haha.

Julie E said...

Ughhh, #2 really needs to be clean my house (including my crafting area :>( ) but that is just too dreary to list!

Shannan Teubner said...

Happy Friday!! My brain is so full that I can't think of what I want to say I shall say...I AM KID FREE THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!

Pam said...

YAY Shannan! So that is why that monkey is going ape **** and you are going to get excited and make things and finish what you start! Now I want to go and bite something (or maybe make a dentist appointment?)?